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Jan 02 2013

Siem Reap’s Royal Gardens

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Lotus flowers make a beautiful temple offering

A 15-minute stroll north from the Old Market, along the shady west bank of the Siem Reap River, with its ornate stone streetlamps and hotch-potch of animal and religious sculptures, leads you to The Royal Gardens, the Siem Reap city centre’s only open public green space. It is an area that provides visitors with a … read the full post

Jan 02 2013

Review: The 252, Phnom Penh

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We walked into two-year-old The 252 in Phnom Penh by accident when we were trying to find Frangipani 60s, next door. The cute little semi-private cabanas with lime and purple accents around the pool were buzzing, people were sipping drinks at the bar, and the owner immediately came over to help me with my bags … read the full post

Jan 01 2013

Review: The Sangkum, Phnom Penh

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Located just to the north of Raffles Hotel Le Royal and Wat Phnom, The Sangkum is a fantastic new hotel addition to the Phnom Penh scene. The two-storey hotel, a former house renovated into a breezy 1950s/60s style, has 12 air-con rooms all individually kitted out with retro furniture, a tasteful restaurant and a small, welcoming pool; … read the full post

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