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Feb 24 2014

Going to a Cambodian wedding

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Let's get the party started!

Of all the hospitality that might be extended to visitors in Cambodia, an invitation to a wedding is probably the most special. Wedding parties usually take place in street-side yellow and pink marquees by the family home, or in a hall at a specialist wedding venue. Put aside thoughts of formal speeches and hours of photographs: you’re … read the full post

Feb 07 2014

Trial public bus service in Phnom Penh

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... all day long.

Getting around Phnom Penh is always a challenge. There’s a range of transport options, in the form of tuk tuk drivers with their distinct cry of “OK, tuk tuk”, and moto-dops who hang out on their bikes in the shade waiting for passengers. Negotiating prices and hoping your driver knows where he’s going are all … read the full post

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