Travelfish correspondent Brett Dvoretz

At the age of 24 and after graduating college with a business degree, Brett decided it was time to check out the world before starting a real career. Little did he know, his graduation gift to himself would change his future. His first international trip was spent meandering around Europe for two months, and he was immediately hooked. As soon as he got back to the US, he knew he had to do it again.
Over the next eight years, he visited 20-plus countries totalling almost two years spent overseas. Always looking for a new and more exciting adventure, in 2010 he spent three months ridding an old, Russian motorcycle from Halong Bay, Vietnam to the coast of Sihanoukville, Cambodia. Despite having visited a number of countries on a variety of continents, he knew there was something about Cambodia that was special; a mysticism that captivated and befuddled all at the same time. Yet somehow, despite its chaos and confusion, it always felt like home.
At the age of 31, he finally took the leap. It was time. He was moving to Cambodia. He rented out his house, left his business behind, and sold everything he owned. Armed with a backpack and his trusty sidekick, an 11-year-old Argentinean Mastiff named Ikelos, he boarded a plane to Cambodia and never looked back again.
Now, he spends his time either relaxing on the beach happily typing away on his computer while sipping on a mojito or wandering exploring various places in Cambodia and Laos looking for strange and unusual things.

Posts by Brett Dvoretz:

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