Travelfish correspondent Rob Schneider

Born and raised in Southern California, Rob has always had itchy feet. His first overseas excursion took him overland from England to India, where he stayed for nearly a year.

Rob migrated to Australia in 1985 and has travelled on his Australian passport since 1992. After about a dozen surfing trips in Indonesia, he decided to explore further afield in 2006. After traveling through Vietnam and Laos, he moved on to Cambodia and decided to check out Sihanoukville "for a few days." He's been there ever since.

Rob has always had a knack for living in places that are on the cusp of change, but none has compared to the coast of Cambodia. From the first set of traffic lights in Sihanoukville to the 5 Star resorts that are popping up from one end of the coast to the other, there's been something new to write about almost every day.

Posts by Rob Schneider:

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