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Jun 21 2014

King Father’s Interment

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Following the impressive pomp of last year’s cremation, the remains of former King Norodom Sihanouk will be interred during a three-day ceremony at Phnom Penh’s Royal Palace from July 10 to 12, 2014. For visitors to Cambodia, this is a final opportunity to be part of the beloved King Father’s memorial and witness a special element of Khmer culture. … read the full post

Feb 07 2014

Trial public bus service in Phnom Penh

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... all day long.

Getting around Phnom Penh is always a challenge. There’s a range of transport options, in the form of tuk tuk drivers with their distinct cry of “OK, tuk tuk”, and moto-dops who hang out on their bikes in the shade waiting for passengers. Negotiating prices and hoping your driver knows where he’s going are all … read the full post

Jan 03 2014

Protests in Phnom Penh 2014

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Avoid trouble spots.

UPDATE (Sunday, January 5): Authorities forcefully cleared the main protest site — Freedom Park — in Phnom Penh on Saturday and banning any more street demonstrations. Although the opposition party has said it will follow the ban, it is not sure whether protesters will show up today or not. Stay well clear of the Wat Phnom … read the full post

Sep 30 2013

What’s over Phnom Penh’s Chroy Chungvar Bridge?

Words fail us ...

The Chroy Chungvar Bridge, also known as the Japanese Friendship Bridge (or spien Chroy Chungvar in Khmer), marks an invisible border for most visitors to Phnom Penh. North of Wat Phnom and riverside’s bars and restaurants, the bridge crosses the Tonle Sap river with no major sights to tick off on the other side. But … read the full post

Sep 25 2013

Balcony life in Phnom Penh

Balcony bonanza.

For the average Phnom Penher, space is at a premium. Those fortunate enough to live in a villa get a garden, but for the rest of the city’s residents, a balcony is the only private outdoor space available. In true resourceful Khmer style, a balcony is a meeting point, dining room, laundry and window onto … read the full post

Sep 14 2013

Election protests in Phnom Penh

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Not quite on the highest alert.

Although the Cambodian general election took place in late July, things are not quite back to normal in the Kingdom of Wonder. Here’s your cheat’s guide to Cambodian politics and what to expect during upcoming protests on 15-17 September. What’s the problem? The general election took place on 28 July 2013 and the preliminary results showed … read the full post

Sep 04 2013

Phnom Penh’s Street 92

Phnom Penh ancient and modern.

If you’re rushing round Phnom Penh and ticking off the sights, may we suggest a small detour? Just opposite Wat Phnom is Street 92, or Daun Penh Street, to give its full name. This elegant tree-lined boulevard running between Wat Phnom and Monivong Boulevard encapsulates much of Cambodia’s history and future, and includes the poshest … read the full post

Aug 31 2013

Review: Number 9 Hotel, Phnom Penh

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Just right for a dip and sip.

Tucked down a narrow street just five minutes’ walk from Phnom Penh’s Royal Palace and Independence Monument, Number 9 Hotel is a flashpacker joint with pretensions. You won’t find tired rattan sofas or Bob Marley flags here; instead you’ll find clean rooms, flatscreen TVs and delicious frozen cocktails. Choose the right room and, for the … read the full post

Aug 25 2013

Something fishy? All about Cambodia’s prahok

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Disgusting? Cheesy? Stomach-turning? Delicious? No visitor to Cambodia is ever ambivalent when faced with the strongest of local delicacies. And that’s because there really is nothing delicate about a food that smells like your teenage brother’s socks. No, we’re not talking durian — the spiky smelly fruit is child’s play compared with Cambodia’s fermented fish paste prahok. … read the full post

Aug 16 2013

Bargain breakfasts in Phnom Penh

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Breakfast of cheap champions.

When Winnie the Pooh wakes up in the morning, he wonders what’s for breakfast. His little porcine friend Piglet wonders what’s going to happen that’s exciting that day. They agree that it’s the same thing. In Phnom Penh, breakfast can certainly be an adventure all on its own, even if you’re eating on a budget. … read the full post

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