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Jul 06 2013

Review: Sister Srey Cafe, Siem Reap

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Upstairs switching temples for storybooks (2)

Once upon a time in Never Never land… Oh no wait, that’s just the playful presentation of the drinks menu, filled with a selection of quality coffees and thick fruit shakes served in jam jars, found tucked into children’s story books at Sister Srey Cafe. Run by an affable Aussie sister duo, this creative twosome … read the full post

Jun 30 2013

Mechrey village, Siem Reap

Mechrey (3)

If you thought Siem Reap and its environs were all about the temples, think again. Mechrey village is a floating community located on the margins of Tonle Sap, nine kilometres west of Siem Reap, where the houses, schools and even shops all sit bobbing on the water — though not in the dry season — as locals … read the full post

Jun 20 2013

Siem Reap’s funfair


Heading down a wide road on the outskirts of Siem Reap at night, when camera-toting temple tourists are tucking into their fish amok in front of an Apsara dance show, and backpackers head to Pub Street, you’ll hit a dead end — welcome to Kyung Yu, a funfair that sets up daily come sundown. One of … read the full post

Jun 03 2013

A Siem Reap street food tour

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Spawn-stuffed frogs - almost good enough to eat.

Stuffed frog, sauteed cricket and deep fried tarantula are probably the best known examples of Cambodia’s rich street food tradition – partly because Gordon Ramsay pulled faces and swore a lot when he was forced to try them on a recent TV series and partly because, well, they all sound rather grim. But dining on … read the full post

May 30 2013

Private shadow puppet shows at Wat Bo

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Yes, you can have these talented puppeteers virtually to yourself.

Getting a private view of anything in “Angkor” is usually a luxury few travellers can afford. But thanks to not-for-profit organisation Cambodian Living Arts you can now go behind the scenes and learn about one beautiful traditional Khmer art form with an exclusive shadow puppets experience. Just $15 will buy you a ringside seat at … read the full post

May 23 2013

Feed body and soul at Peace Cafe, Siem Reap

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Chill out and balance your chakras in The Peace Cafe's garden

In a town that owes its place on the tourist map to some of the most spectacular spiritual monuments in history, it’s only fitting that you can still find a quiet retreat to feed your own 21st century spiritual needs — and re-fuel with some quality vegetarian food at the same time — just a … read the full post

May 18 2013

Siem Reap restaurants: Reservations recommended

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Haven's Tonle Sp lake fish with chillis and ginger - 3

For a long time one of the joys of Siem Reap was that with so many choices of places to dine, the thought of booking anywhere was almost unimaginable except, perhaps, at some of the classier hotel bistros, and even then that would mostly be for form rather than necessity. It added to the sense of … read the full post

May 04 2013

The Cambodian Circus comes to Siem Reap

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Lights, drums, cicadas and rusting trees all add to the atmosphere.

If the word circus conjures up images of top-hatted ringmasters, fearless lion-tamers and sinister-looking clowns, then a night at Phare, the Cambodian Circus will quickly erase those distant childhood memories. With performances seven nights a week, the circus of the world-renowned Battambang Art School – full name Phare Ponleu Selpak — is now wowing audiences … read the full post

Apr 17 2013

Where to watch sport in Siem Reap

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Street volleyball: an easy way to catch some real live sport.

With the recent closure of Siem Reap’s only dedicated sports bar on Alley West, the task of finding somewhere to catch the football, the rugby, the baseball or the tennis has suddenly become a bit more of a challenge. But fear not, all ye die-hard sports aficionados, there are plenty of joints in town where … read the full post

Apr 14 2013

Review: Tangram Garden Restaurant, Siem Reap

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Tangram Garden's hot and sour prawn soup.

Settling into one of Tangram Garden’s palm-roofed cabanas, each with its very own call light for attracting the attention of your server, makes you feel a little bit special. The friendly and efficient – yet not overly formal – service, and reliable, slightly quirky food just add to the appeal of this quiet and relaxing … read the full post

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