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Feb 11 2011

Shore leave: Party at Pontoon

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The Phnom Penh club scene can leave one feeling a bit like Goldilocks looking for a bowl of porridge — this club’s too small, that club’s too sleazy … but finally there’s a nightclub in Phnom Penh that is just right. Pontoon was one of the most popular clubs in town until it mysteriously disappeared … read the full post

Feb 03 2011

Fruity 3: Like a house party except not

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Tomorrow night sees the third installment of Fruity, a monthly club night that started in December and promises some of the best tunage in town. Dan Beck, formerly of Pontoon, will be DJing along with Cynthia Herman, aka Cyncity. This time they’ve got a special guest also on deck, Patrick Parco, who will be playing … read the full post

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