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Aug 11 2012

Yoga in Siem Reap update

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A perfectly executed downward facing dog

Siem Reap offers plenty of opportunities to practise yoga, both for yoga-nuts and for first-timers, for whom the studios’ location far away from home may provide the perfect opportunity to try without running the risk for evermore of bumping into your classmates in your local supermarket, knowing that they know that you can’t chaturanga for … read the full post

Oct 28 2011

Yoga in Siem Reap

We do like to stretch. We can stretch out a dollar, a delicious weekend, or ourselves on a luxurious chaise longue, provided we can find one. If it suits our needs we can stretch a point, or an idiom, sometimes past its breaking point. Because stretching, we know, deep in our souls, is simply a … read the full post

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