Apr 17 2011

Just another Amed sunrise

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We’re up in Amed for a long weekend with some friends who are visiting from Bangkok. We’ve rented a beachfront shack between the four of us (before you get jealous, that’s four adults plus four kids under five!) for a few days. If there is one definite upside to being in the possession of young children it is that they get you up early enough to enjoy sights like this.

Sunrise in Amed, Bali

Sunrise in Amed, Bali

That’s Lombok on the horizon (in case you were wondering).

Kids also help you enjoy scenes like this:

Good morning Bali

Good morning Bali

More on where we’re staying in a few days. It’s a new find for us and not currently listed on Travelfish.org (but that’s going to change!)

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2 Responses to “Just another Amed sunrise”

  1. […] back up the mountain valley behind the resort are spectacular, and out the other direction, glorious sunrises wake you with Lombok in the distance. The daily migration of the jukungs, all asail, will wake you just before dawn, but they're a […]

  2. saraon 16 Nov 2012 at 3:16 am

    I have stayed in that exact room at Life in Amed. I can also vouch for the sunrises – they are stunning. Must go back soon!!!