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Jun 12 2011

Green School’s Bali bike riding club

Bali’s Green School is a spectacular campus set just outside Ubud. Nestled in a river valley among rice fields the school is surrounded by village paths and backroads, which, as it turns out, make excellent fodder for a bit of cycling around Bali. With that in mind, some of the more pedal-minded parents have put … read the full post

Jun 08 2011

Canggu beaches, Bali

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Canggu is a beach and ricefield area out to the northwest of Seminyak. It’s famous for three things: the surf, the ricefield views and the private villa rentals. Given private villas in Canggu generally fall outside the reaches of the meagre budget, we just spent a weekend traipsing around looking at everything from cheap … read the full post

Jun 02 2011

Bali’s best beaches on the Bukit

It’s a common complaint from first-time visitors to Bali (we were guilty of this ourselves) that Balinese beaches are just ordinary. I remember the first time I stepped onto a Balinese Beach — staying at Villa Kresna in Seminyak, I strolled down to check out the surf I’d heard so much about and found a … read the full post

Jun 01 2011

A play spot for kids in Bali: Cubby House Kids Club

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Update 2014: Now¬†closed. Yes, there is puh-lenty of beach for kids to play on in Bali, but sometimes when you’re sick of the sand or the sun, or you’d like some beach bar time away from the kids, you’d like them to play on their own for a bit. If you’re not staying somewhere with … read the full post

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