Jul 20 2012

Review: Reborn Refexology, Kuta, Bali

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Reborn Reflexology has a chain of 20 outlets in Malaysia, and just a single operation in Bali located near Simpang Siur. This is not the prettiest spa I have ever been to; in fact it leans towards tacky in decor – think fake plants and office-type carpets up the stairs. Nevertheless, news of their therapeutic massages and half-price special for treatments from 10:00 to 14:00 lured us to give it a go.

Come this way to be reborn. Or something.

After having a foot wash, I was lead up a dingy staircase to a row of treatment cubicles – therapy tables surrounded by wine-coloured curtains, not unlike those around a hospital bed. After being presented with those awful disposable undies and a sarong in the name of modesty, I was left alone for a minute to get undressed and await what was to come, lying in near complete darkness.

I selected a Tui Na therapeutic massage (180,000 for two hours, but half this during the special hours), which apparently means ‘push rub’ and applies the principles of acupressure to bring the body back into balance as well as heal chronic conditions – in my case: bad circulation as well as extreme tension in neck and shoulders, brought on by a bad habit of writing reviews while sitting cross-legged on my bed, leaning over a laptop.

To say that this was the least relaxing massage I have endured experienced is an understatement. It was painful from start to finish, all two hours of it. Andi, my male therapist, was not afraid to apply as much pressure as needed to rid those writer’s-cramp knots in the neck. The Tui Na technique also brought on an unusual pins-and-needles sensation to limbs, an obvious sign that circulation was improving — no pain, no gain as they say. As this is a full body massage, those who are shy should request a female therapist; this choice is offered prior to treatment.

The torture chamber.

Ms Travelfish, who accompanied me to the spa (and who suggested this torture treatment — thanks [ed: you’re welcome!]) chose a two-hour foot reflexology with head and shoulder massage. She felt it was worth the discounted midday rate — 50% of 160,000 rupiah — but wasn’t keen on the dated decor in the reflexology room and found the treatment decent but not amazing.

After our treatments, we were presented with warm ginger tea and fresh fruit on plastic crockery.

Other treatments on offer include children’s reflexology, ear candling, ba guan (cupping) as well as Shiatsu.

Peach offering after the torture.

Is this spa worth a visit? If you are staying in the Kuta area, and want a longer massage, at budget rates, take advantage of the special offer. In general, however, we’re big fans of next door’s Cozy, which is also budget and slightly shabby but offers really great treatments (particularly the “Scalp Sensation”). Those who want something a bit more special would do better to try the good-value packages at Sicilia Spa, which isn’t luxurious but also has great prices.

The prettiest part of the spa.

Sample rates:
Foot reflexology 60 minutes: 84 000 rupiah

Body massage 60 minutes: 98 000 rupiah

These are the advertised rates – take off 50% from 10:00 to 14:00

Reborn reflexology and health care
Pertokoan Niaga Dewa Ruci A1, Jalan Sunset, Simpang Siur, Kuta, Bali
T: (0361) 767 171, (0361) 766 744

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4 Responses to “Review: Reborn Refexology, Kuta, Bali”

  1. Heather Bradleyon 17 Sep 2012 at 10:31 am

    I would absolutely refute this review. I have regularly attended reborn therapists for almost a year now. I have a very strenuous job and was experiencing swelling and stress-related pain. I was also a casualty in the earthquake here and when I first came to reborn had many injury sites and knotted tissue. Every knot , every tension and all swelling is now gone from my body. I had tried other massages before this and there was no change. What I do know about Reborn is that their staff do know what they are doing. Maybe the reviewer opted the wrong therapy. Maybe she failed to have the personal chat with the manager, or therapist to agree on the best form of massage. The reviewer clearly doesn’t know her sport!
    I find the whole ambiance very relaxing. The chairs I wish I could take home! Using warm brown tones and interesting textures in the decor, I look forward to my weekly and sometimes bi-weekly treatment. I have always been treated with the utmost care and respect. I don’t know where this fake plant is by the water feature has real orchids and inside lucky bamboo, and what a specimen! The music is well- chosen and gentle, and so is the massage. I have one hour reflexology and one hour massage for around rp100.000 and it beats any place in Bali hands-down for the quality and truly relaxing best part of my week!

  2. Amandaon 19 Sep 2012 at 2:10 am

    Just read your review of Reborn and was surprised you had a bad massage. We’ve (hubby & I) been regular customers for the last 2 years, as are many other people we see in their reception and talk to who live on the island. We’ve always had at least good and mostly excellent massages with experienced masseuses who find the knotted and achy parts and fix them with as little pain as they can. I’ve yet to have a massage there where the ‘this hurts, lets press harder and beat it until the pain gives up and goes away’ technique is used. If I am in need of a therapeutic massage, Reborn is the first place I call. They have a team of senior therapists who have been with them for years and know what they are doing. Yes, many spas have prettier surroundings, but when I’ve tried them the massage has tended to be a 2 hour routine that is always the same for everyone and doesn’t adapt to the state of the customer’s body.

  3. patsyon 22 Sep 2012 at 2:22 am

    I also go to reborn weekly. You should always use a therypest twice before commenting. A good one will know your body the second time you go. The plants are real. The stairs have anti slip edges for your safety. The melemine cups and plates are spotless. I have been to much smarter looking places and been very dissapointed. And paid a lot more. I have been going to them since shortle after they opened and have always been treated with respect. Courtesy and kindness.

  4. patsyon 22 Sep 2012 at 2:40 am

    In my comments i forgot to mention the beds. They are great. I am an older short not so slim person. I can get on these bed and turn over with no worries. The chairs for reflexology send me to sleep and can be adjusted for maximum comfort. Unlike most places i have been the slippers are spotlessly clean.
    I have been to both cozy and for many yrs was a client at sisilia spa. Both good but reborn to my mind is better.