Feb 19 2013

Review: Warung Sulawesi, Bali

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Nothing is quite as humiliating as having another expat express incredulity about you not having visited a particular restaurant or sight. And so it was, chastised by another, that I sought out Warung Sulawesi (yes, worse — it’s very close to our base in Bali).

Point and pick: So easy you can do it with your earbuds in.

Point and pick: So easy you can do it with your earbuds in.

Located on Seminyak‘s Jalan Petitenget, just a few hundred metres from Kolega — another cheap place to eat in the area that I’ve actually been to — Warung Sulawesi offers popular Sulawesi dishes as well as a smattering of Javanese and Padang food — the range is very similar to what you’ll find at Kolega, ostensibly a Javanese joint.

This is a point and pick affair, starting with which rice you fancy — red, yellow or white — and followed by all the usual Indonesian suspects, such as curries, stir-fries, sate, fritters, noodles and so on — in combinations using fish, squid, prawns, beef and lots of tofu and tempeh. It’s a good, comprehensive selection if you’d like to try a range of dishes in one sitting — and it’s really cheap. English is limited but staff are likely to be able to tell you in a nutshell what dishes are (though if you want to be sure, Kolega has labelled dishes).

That moment when you realise you haven't yet taken a photo of your lunch.

That moment when you realise you haven’t yet taken a photo of your lunch.

My plate of stir-fried squid, fried tempeh, steamed tofu, eggs in sambal and yellow rice with sambal came in at just 23,000 rupiah, with a Tehbotol another 4,000 rupiah. It wasn’t particularly spicy — though the place is popular with locals, the fire is likely tempered for tourists — and it was a little heavy on the sweet, but that’s pretty typical warung fare.

A selection of desserts is on offer as well, from traditional-style wrapped pancakes through to the less traditional donut with chocolate sprinkles.

Outdoors at Warung Sulawesi.

Outdoors at Warung Sulawesi.

Help yourself to a drink from the fridge — no alcohol is offered — and take a seat in the partly covered courtyard, surrounded by a well-cared for garden with blooming purple, pink and white orchids. The old wooden tables and chairs are mismatched but charming, and the atmosphere is more pleasant than Kolega, where it’s dark and you’ll want to more quickly eat and run.

You’ll get a little price tag with your meal that you take up to the register to pay; the register is a drawer with wooden partitions inside, which just adds to the charm.

Desserts, new and old.

Desserts, new and old.

To find Warung Sulawesi, keep an eye out for the blue-painted wall proclaiming the warung’s name just across from Warung Eropa on Jalan Petitenget; if you’re heading along the road from the lights and get to Cubana, you’ve gone too far — backtrack around the dog leg by about 50 metres.

Warung Sulawesi
200 Jalan Petitenget
T: 0361 746 3052

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  1. Monicoon 19 Feb 2013 at 12:18 pm

    Hhhmmm my stomach just rumbles when I see these pictures of delicious Indonesian food. Thanks for sharing Warung Selawesi. Whenever I am Seminyak I always went to Warung Murah and Ocha. And sometimes I would even go all the way to Kuta to Masakan Indonesia.

    But I will add Kolega and Warung Sulawesi to my list because I prefer Indonesian ‘warungs’ to the many international restaurants in Bali. Besides my grandmother was from Sulawesi and always said that they prepared the best food of all the Indonesian islands. So I guess that I have no choice but have my next lunch at Warung Sulawesi…;-)

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