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Jul 14 2014

Birthdays in Bali

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Into the abyss.

Here at Casa Travelfish, July is a busy month on the birthday count with the birthdays of Chief Researcher-in-training William (born 2008) and Chief Researcher-soon-retiring Stuart (born well, a long time before William) just two days apart. So if you’re looking for birthday activities for the young and old in Bali, what are some good … read the full post

Jul 08 2014

Bali is not an over-touristed hellhole.

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It annoys me when I read a diatribe writing off Bali as an over-touristed hellhole when it transpires that the author was too lazy to go exploring the greater island. So before you let your rant-stained fingers anywhere near a keyboard and whinge about the island, try some of the following. Balangan Beach This is … read the full post