Dec 08 2010

About Travelfish on Bali

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What is Travelfish on Bali?

Travelfish on Bali is one of our new in 2011 blogs that we have running within and it’s authored by Samantha Brown, co founder of

Why have a website and a blog? That’s a good question. This is one of a planned thirteen regional blogs we plan to have up and running in the next few months. Each one is written by a resident, offering their personal insight into the destination they now call home. Through the blogs we’ll be able to give you a continual stream of news and updates that would fall outside of the reach of our regular research schedule and we hope they’ll help you get even more out of your trip.

About Samantha

Samantha is the co-founder of and has been living in Southeast Asia since 1997.

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  1. alissa sternon 16 Oct 2011 at 6:33 am


    As one of the more interesting blogs on Bali, I thought your readers might be interested in an initiative we undertaking to encourage the use of Balinese.

    As you might know, Balinese is in sharp decline: only about a million people left speak the language. So, although it isn’t endangered (yet), it is quickly becoming overtaken by Indonesian and English.

    If we lose Balinese, we not only lose a beautiful language, but we lose a unique intellectu­al tradition, the key to a rich tradition and culture, and our part of our ability to understand the progressio­n of human history.

    We started a kickstarter campaign to try to raise funds to create the first multimedia language materials for Balinese ( The funds will be used to support the Balinese videographers, linguists, anthropologists, animators and others working with us to develop these materials. Any donations (they are tax deductible in the US) from your readers, regardless of size, would be extremely helpful.

    Many thanks.

    Alissa Stern
    Executive Director

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