Travelfish correspondent Rosanne Turner

Rosanne Turner relocated to Thailand in 2010 from South Africa, where she was involved in the tourism industry, and co-owned several accommodation establishments. She has written for African and international publications including the Holland Herald (in-flight magazine of KLM), Explore Africa, Morning Calm (in-flight magazine of Air Korea) as well as several websites such as and Examples of these articles can be found on Rosanne is now the Ko Samui correspondent for She enjoys sharing her discoveries of Samui after walking every snapshot-perfect beach, strenuous hill, coconut grove and enticing forgotten path in search of that memory-making beach bar or bungalow resort. Rosanne has scrutinised more than 100 resorts and hotels, and sampled countless Mojitos, fruit shakes and massaman curries in name of research and in the quest to provide readers with sufficient information before embarking on their island adventure. Rosanne prefers to see the lighter side of life when travelling, viewing things from a different angle and appreciating the small details rather than the glaring obvious. She has not let her atrocious sense of direction deter her from exploring and her journeys have taken her through Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands, including Madagascar, Zanzibar, Tanzania and the Transkei as well as the Asian countries of Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Thailand and Malaysia. Rosanne owns Samui TEFL helping others with a wanderlust to finance their travels by teaching English as a foreign language in Asia and around the world. She also admits to being somewhat of a grammar nerd. You can contact Rosanne at

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