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Apr 19 2011

Life in Amed: A family holiday in Bali

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So what do you do when you’ve got two friends and their two under-threes visiting Bali for a couple of weeks? Well, one option is to put your own two under-fives in the car and meet up with them to share a beachfront house for a few days. And so that’s how we found ourselves … read the full post

Apr 17 2011

Just another Amed sunrise

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We’re up in Amed for a long weekend with some friends who are visiting from Bangkok. We’ve rented a beachfront shack between the four of us (before you get jealous, that’s four adults plus four kids under five!) for a few days. If there is one definite upside to being in the possession of young … read the full post

Apr 02 2011

What is a good place to stay in Amed?

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The area commonly referred to as Amed is actually a series of villages and bays running along the northeast coast of Bali. Known for black sand beaches, calm waters, fine snorkelling and impressive scenery, Amed forms a low-key counterpoint to the bustling yellow sand surf beaches of southern Bali. With over a half dozen beaches … read the full post

Jan 08 2011

Amed jukung boat trip

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Visit pretty much any beach on east or north Bali and you’ll see dozens upon dozens of jukungs pulled up onto the sand. The jukung is the Indonesian fisherman’s staple vessel for getting around and you’ll see them all over the archipelago: some use nets, others trolling and others still long-line fishing. One afternoon while … read the full post