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Oct 07 2011

Ubud Writers and Readers Festival: The Cycle of Rice

Today’s session at the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival called ‘The Cycle of Rice‘ was about living simply, consuming less and sharing more, and how it all related to rice farming in Bali. The panel’s host, Gouri Mirpuri the author of Eco-Heroes of Indonesia, introduced the panelist Steve Lansing by saying, “You can’t talk about … read the full post

Oct 07 2011

Cycling Home from … the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival

Rob Lilwall is the author of Cycling Home from Siberia, a book about his expedition across Asia, Australia and Europe by bicycle. When he was 27 he decided to fly to the furthest, most remote place he could think of and try and make his way home from there. He spent the next three years … read the full post

Oct 06 2011

Australian minor arrested for drugs in Bali. Yes, they are illegal here.

Published by under Health & safety

This afternoon as the first day of the Ubud Writer and Reader Festival got underway, news broke of a 14-year-old Australian boy arrested in Bali for drugs possession. According to reports, the boy was arrested on Tuesday in possession of a few grams of marijuana that he’d allegedly purchased from a street dealer for 250,000 … read the full post

Oct 06 2011

Getting out of your comfort zone at the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival

The 2011 Ubud Writers and Readers Festival has started with a bang in Bali, and the streets of Ubud are teeming with readers, writers, and, as usual, taxi drivers, hopefully searching for fares. Authors from more than 20 countries are here, as well as countless readers — with Australia well represented. (Although during his session, … read the full post

Oct 03 2011

Serangan’s Turtle Centre and beaches revisited

Published by under Kids,Serangan Island

What to do on a sunny Bali Sunday with kids? Visit the turtle centre on Serangan Island of course! We’ve written about this under-visited attraction before and it makes for a perfect half-day outing from anywhere in south Bali — especially if combined with a meal out on the nearby beaches. The Turtle Conservation and … read the full post

Oct 01 2011

Money-changing scams in Bali

So yesterday afternoon I decided to finish off a decidedly ordinary week by running out of money. On the final day that school fees were due. This is a more common occurrence than it should be at Casa Travelfish and we even have an emergency money frame with $100 in it. So I broke the … read the full post

Sep 29 2011

Winner of the four-day pass to Ubud Writers and Readers Festival

Congratulations to Gabriela for winning our competition giving away a full four-day pass to the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival. The competition was simple. Tell us in 25 words what “Bali” means to you. This was Gabriela’s entry: “Pacifying bad spirits, fearing ricefield rats. Feeling adrenaline in left-hand traffic. Happy ducks. Why is so much … read the full post

Sep 25 2011

Balinese tooth-filing ceremony (with video)

Published by under Culture

This morning I went to one of the most important ceremonies in a Balinese person’s life: the mapandes or matatah, a tooth-filing ceremony performed partly for beautification — fanged teeth are unattractive and coarse to the Balinese eye — but also to symbolically balance-out an individual’s personality. (Skip straight to the bottom if you’d just … read the full post

Sep 21 2011

Yoga in Bali: Sanur

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Despite at least what I perhaps expected, yoga isn’t everywhere in Bali. I thought I wouldn’t be able to chuck an incense stick without hitting a studio, but they’re actually quite few and far between across the island. Today I’ll cover two spots in Sanur: the delightfully herby crunchy Manik Organik, and newer, New York-ier … read the full post

Sep 19 2011

Coffee on the bypass in Sanur

Published by under Food,Sanur

Bali’s Ngurah Rai bypass — stretching from Nusa Dua past the airport, skirting Kuta, Sanur and then, well, we’re not quite sure where it officially ends — can feel like a bit of a wasteland at times (you know, when it’s not slicing through mangroves). If you are using it to get from say the … read the full post

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