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Apr 16 2014

A quick jaunt across Komodo and Flores

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This is the way to Komodo.

School holidays delivered a nice little break to Travelfish and we returned to one of our favourite destinations in Indonesia, Komodo National Park and Flores. We kicked off with a lazy week on Kanawa Island which lies just outside Komodo National Park and then did a quick run across the mainland from Labuan Bajo, through … read the full post

May 12 2013

Travelling to Komodo National Park with kids

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Exploring Seraya Island's viewpoints.

Flores is in general a very basic travelling experience and can be quite tough when it comes to travelling with children.  One of its key attractions is Komodo National Park, usually visited on a day trip from Labuan Bajo, Kanawa or Seraya islands, or as a stop on the Lombok-Sumbawa-Flores liveaboards. Here’s a rundown of … read the full post

May 07 2013

Kanawa or Seraya Island?

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Typical Kanawa beach scene.

The Flores Sea is dotted with glistening tropical islands. Some are home to high-end dive resorts, others to fishing villages, others still remain blissfully devoid of civilisation. Two islands however draw a steady stream of independent travellers — perched on the rim of Komodo National Park lies Kanawa Island and north of Labuan Bajo sits … read the full post

Apr 28 2013

Exploring Komodo National Park

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Our guide Hero on the lookout for beasties.

A day trip to Komodo island from Kanawa takes in more than just the famed dragons the island is named for; expect excellent snorkelling, some beachcombing and perhaps some turtle, dolphin and manta spotting if you’re lucky. Established in 1980, Komodo National Park encompasses the three main islands of Komodo, Rinca and Padar along with … read the full post

Apr 18 2013

Indonesian volcanoes: Visiting Gunung Kelimutu, Flores

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Swirling souls at Kelimutu.

While many first-time visitors to Flores get little further than the port town of Labuan Bajo and its immediate surrounds, one of the highlights of Flores is the peak of Kelimutu which lies to the northeast of Ende and offers fabulous views of the surrounds. Best of all? You don’t need to be a mountaineer … read the full post

Mar 25 2013

Meet Flores

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No I didn't walk all the way to the end.

We’re exploring the Indonesian islands of Flores, Komodo, Rinca and a few others over the next two weeks and our initial reaction was along the lines of, “Why didn’t we get off our bums and come here earlier?” And we’ve only been on Flores for a night… The waters surrounding the western end of Flores … read the full post