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Feb 13 2012

Potato Head Bali

Has a building ever made you smile? The striking facade of Potato Head Bali is the first architectural feature that’s brought a grin to my face. It’s a semi-circular construction by architect Andra Martin comprising old louvred shutters from Java, a mixture of whimsy and cleverness; try seeing it and not marvelling at how creative … read the full post

Apr 23 2011

Naughty Nuri’s Ubud

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Update Monday August 27, 2012 We were deeply saddened to hear this morning that Brian has passed away. Many ribs and way too many martini with martini chasers were enjoyed alongside his wit and fine humour. Our deepest condolences to his family. RIP Brian. Roadside shack Naughty Nuri’s is an Ubud institution, open since 1995 … read the full post