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Dec 23 2012

3G internet in Laos

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Modern telecommunications meets old stupa

Accessing the internet in Laos is possible pretty much right throughout the country via several options, including some hotels in the more remote towns, such as Phongsali, which offer decent WiFi connections. But the problem with relying on hotel WiFi is that many of the less touristed towns simply don’t have hotels with free WiFi … read the full post

Dec 20 2012

Healthcare in Laos

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medical sign

Laos has a rustic appeal to many travellers who enjoy getting away from the sealed and packaged amenities of the West. Unfortunately, our immune systems aren’t always up to the task and accidents can happen when trekking through the jungle or spelunking in slippery dark caves. Here are some things to keep in mind when … read the full post

Dec 04 2012

Trekking in Nong Kiaow

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The highest mountain in Nong Kiaow

Laos is a land of rolling hills, remote tribes, unique cultures and stunning scenery. It’s predominantly a rural landscape where villagers practice basic forms of agriculture to scrape enough food together to live a simple life. In many parts of the country, entire villages of people still live in bamboo huts topped with grass roofs. … read the full post