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Jul 24 2013

A guide to social etiquette in Laos

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Shoes off by the door

With their laidback attitude and a deep aversion to confrontation, the Lao are pretty tolerant of foreigners failing local social etiquette. Yet while they may not vocalise their discomfort, they may still form negative impressions of visitors who unwittingly break cultural taboos, often bearing their resentment in silence until an opportunity presents itself to be … read the full post

Jul 08 2013

Tam mak hoong: Spicy Lao papaya salad

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Pounded and ready for a sample

Of the many dishes Laos has to offer, few epitomise Lao cuisine better than tam mak hoong,¬†or papaya salad; it’d be difficult to avoid tasting this delicious dish at least once while travelling in the country. The best place to get it, we reckon, is at a roadside stall, where you can watch the vendor … read the full post