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Oct 23 2013

Laap, the national dish of Laos

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A large plate of duck laap from Lao Kitchen

Many of the standard dishes served around Laos are adaptations from Thai, Vietnamese and Chinese food. One dish that is 100 percent traditional Lao though is laap, arguably the national dish of Laos; we would argue that a visit to the country simply isn’t complete without trying it. Laap (also spelled as lahp, larb and … read the full post

Oct 03 2013

Staying safe in Laos

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Mind the buffalo

On the whole, Laos is not a dangerous country and Vientiane is safer than most Western capitals. Gang violence and sexual assault of travellers is virtually unheard of. That said, Laos is still a developing country; widespread poverty and lack of infrastructure mean the roads are dangerous and petty theft can occur. Here’s what we … read the full post