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Feb 05 2013

The Gibbon Experience, Laos

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The morning views from the tree house are just as good as the sunsets

With stunning vistas and lush tropical rainforests, the natural beauty of Laos is one of the primary reasons many people visit this mountainous landlocked country. And the best way to get out into nature and really experience its immense beauty is to trek. Many choose the areas surrounding Luang Nam Tha while others opt for … read the full post

Oct 28 2012

Huay Xai to Xieng Kok, Laos (the hard way)

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Sunsets in this part of the world are magnificent

The Huay Xai border crossing is one of many crossings into Laos from Thailand and many visitors choose this particular one when entering Laos due to its proximity to Chiang Mai and the rest of northern Thailand. After arriving in Huay Xai, the vast majority of travellers choose to hop on a slowboat down river … read the full post