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Nov 15 2012

Phongsali: Is it worth the effort?

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Valleys of clouds near Phongsali - people live out there

We’ve written about the road to Phongsali and how awful it is. It begs the question of whether it is worth all that hassle to actually get there. Is it worth going to Phongsali? It all depends on the traveller, the amount of time they have and the sort of experience they’re seeking. Us? We think … read the full post

Nov 04 2012

The road to Phongsali

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The condition of the road to Phongsali is generally extremely poor

Travelling in Southeast Asia is often more about the journey than the destination and although it’s one of those cliches which is often used glibly, we think it largely rings true in Laos. Except when travelling to Phongsali. There are two different ways that most people use to get to Phongsali. The easiest is by hopping on … read the full post