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Jun 27 2013

Tad Lo: A backpacker haven in Laos

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Tad Lo is a great place for a swim.

When you think of Laos and its typical backpacker destinations, you often think about such places as Vang Vieng and Don Dhet for partying or Muang Ngoi and Nong Kiaow for relaxing. But it’s a lesser known town in the southern reaches of Laos that we think is currently one of the better backpacker destinations … read the full post

Jun 18 2013

4000 Islands, but which one is best?

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The sunrises and sunsets on Don Dhet are nothing short of breath taking.

Deep in the most southern reaches of Laos, in a narrow section of the country where it can feel like there is more river than land, are the somewhat mythical 4000 Islands. Held up as a rite of passage for those travelling along the banana pancake trail, Si Phan Don as it’s known in the … read the full post

May 22 2013

Champasak, southern Laos

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When the frangipani are in full bloom, Wat Phu really comes into its own.

People visit Laos for different reasons. Some for luxury, some for a party, some for culture and others still for adventure. You really can have it all in Laos, but one town regularly overlooked from a cultural perspective is Champasak. Set on the banks of the Mekong in one of its wider sections, Champasak is … read the full post

Apr 24 2013

Waterfalls of the Bolaven Plateau

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Uttayan Bajiang is a good spot to warm up to the waterfalls on the Bolaven Plateau.

In the far southern reaches of Laos, just to the east of the major city of Pakse, is the famous Bolaven Plateau, home to dense jungle, sprawling coffee plantations and fantastic waterfalls. The waterfalls are the highlight for visitors undertaking the Bolaven Plateau motorcycle loop and are part of most people’s itinerary every single day. … read the full post

Mar 07 2013

The Tha Khaek Loop

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Fantastic views are all around.

The Tha Khaek Loop, also known as the Konglor Loop or just the Loop, is a 500-kilometre motorcycle journey starting and ending in Laos’ Tha Khaek. It takes in the stunning limestone scenery of Khammoune province, remote villages and many caves, of which the highlight is Konglor, a seven-kilometre long cave which has a large … read the full post

Feb 26 2013

Konglor Cave

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Incredible formations inside Konglor Cave.

When talking about highlights of Laos, many people rattle off sights such as Vientiane’s That Luang, activities like taking a slow boat down the Mekong and even entire towns such as Vang Vieng and Luang Prabang. And they’re right. These things are great to experience, just like lesser-known spots we love at like Vieng … read the full post