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May 09 2013

Off the beaten track: Visiting Muang Khoun

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The hole in That Foun allows visitors to explore the construction of the stupa.

Once the provincial capital of Xieng Khuang, Muang Khoun is little more than a medium-sized village about 30 kilometres down the road to Paksan from Phonsavan. But it’s the quaintness of the town and its varied ruined temples that make this place worth a visit when staying in nearby Phonsavan. The first temple many people … read the full post

May 03 2013

Plain of Jars, Phonsavan

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Jars on a plain. The Plain of Jars.

Despite being off the main tourist trail, Phonsavan is well worth visiting, with its Plain of Jars a particular highlight. Hop on a tour to see the plain, or just grab a motorbike and hit the road. It is totally worth it. The Plain of Jars refers to an entire area where mysterious limestone jars … read the full post