Oct 30 2012

Review: Calanthe Art Cafe, Melaka

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Travellers love Malaysia for its diverse and delicious food, but did you know it’s also a coffee-producing country? Taste the distinctive blend from each of Malaysia’s 13 states at the Calanthe Art Cafe in Melaka.

Try a cup from each of Malaysia's 13 states

Try a cup from each of Malaysia’s 13 states at this artsy cafe.

This funky cafe is located just off Jonker Street, an ideal location for a caffeine pick-me-up during a long day of sightseeing. It’s hard to miss the huge sign in front boasting “Malaysia 13 States Coffee” and quirky decorations like a giraffe statue. Inside, the artsy ambiance continues with cosy seating nooks and colourful murals covering the walls.

If you’ve come for a cuppa, you’ll want to spend a few minutes poring over the extensive coffee menu. Factors like the bean type and roasting technique give each state’s coffee a distinctive taste, and the descriptions make it hard to choose… do we go with the smooth blend from Penang roasted with sugar, or the unique ginseng coffee from Terengganu?  Thankfully at just 3.15 ringgit a cup (or 4.65 ringgit for the iced version), you should be able to afford to try a few.

Coffee, Malaysia style.

Coffee, Malaysia style.

If you’re more of a cappuccino type, Calanthe also has that covered with a long list of espresso-based bevvies starting from 6 ringgit. For dessert in a cup, try one of their creations like the Banana Cap Freeze which is a cappuccino blended with ice, a banana and caramel syrup. They also keep non-coffee drinkers pleased with a variety of teas, fresh fruit shakes and even icy cold beer.

The food menu is just as extensive with everything from chocolate brownies to chicken satay. Considering it’s a coffeehouse, the Malaysian food is remarkably tasty and reasonably priced from 7-15 ringgit. Calanthe makes a mighty good bowl of laksa (coconut soup with noodles and seafood) and, on weekends only, they serve the Melaka specialty asam pedas (stingray and veggies cooked in a sour, spicy broth). It’s also one of the only restaurants with a kids’ menu of unobjectionable foods like chicken nuggets and spaghetti.

Calanthe Art Cafe is hard to miss!

Calanthe Art Cafe is hard to miss.

In case delicious food and drinks aren’t enough to win you over, Calanthe Art Cafe seals the deal with friendly service and free WiFi. Our only conceivable complaint is that Calanthe Art Cafe doesn’t open until noon on weekdays – where are we supposed to go for our morning coffee?!

Calanthe Art Cafe
11 Jalan Hang Kasturi, Melaka
T: (06) 292 2960
Open Mon-Wed 12:00-23:00, Fri 12:00-00:00, Sat 08:30-00:00 and Sun 08:30–23:00

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