Dec 02 2012

Dim sum in Miri

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Anyone at least a little bit acquainted with Cantonese cuisine will know that there is little that trumps the breakfast meal of dim sum, and owing to its Chinese heritage, Miri is a good place to sample it.

Dim sum at Cafe WZT.

Each dish of dim sum is normally served in sets of three (two seems a bit meagre and four is an inauspicious number in Chinese tradition) and is traditionally steamed in bamboo or wooden pallets, with the greatness of the dim sum able to be discerned by the thickness of the glutinous rice pastry wrapped around the (often meaty) filling.

Cafe 2020, which is slightly further from town but can be reached by bus, offers the most variety of dim sum in Miri and it’s clear to see that all their produce is hand-made. A firm favourite is their har gau (or prawn parcel, 3 ringgit), with the translucent rice wrapping providing a sticky contrast to the fresh crunchy prawn filling. Also not to be missed here is their char siu pau (roasted pork bun, 2 ringgit per bun). Often this can be a sickly affair, with the pork bun filling overpowering the softly sweet fluffy white bun enveloping it, however at Cafe 2020, they have mastered the art of seasoning without too much sweetness.

Two other options for dim sum are located in the centre of Miri. Cafe WZT is along the main strip and I’m going to confess something here: I actually prefer their dim sum even though I know that they’re steaming it straight from the freezer packet. A top favourite is their shiitake mushroom-topped prawn dumpling (2.3 ringgit), best to eat this when piping hot as the mushroom can start to taste a bit stale if cold.

I do concede that MSG-laden mass-produced dim sum isn’t for everyone, so for those of you with a more discerning palate, I direct you to the Dynasty Hotel. Even though a more top-end option, Dynasty is relatively inexpensive; expect to pay around 4-5 ringgit per dish. The quality is exponentially better than Cafe WZT; menu highlights include steamed spare-ribs, seasoned with black beans and chilli (4 ringgit) and their quail’s egg egg roll (3 ringgit).

WZT Cafe.

Regardless of where you decide to go for this quintessentially Chinese breakfast, it always pays to go early to make sure you get the full range of dishes available and definitely expect to have to wait for a table, especially at weekends.

Dynasty Hotel
Dim sum till 14:00

WZT Cafe
Jalan North Yu Seng, next door to 7-eleven, Miri
Open 06:00-14:00, serves dim sum till they run out of stock

Cafe 2020
557/558 Pelita Commercial Centre
Open 07:00-15:00, serves dim sum till they run out of stock

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