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Jan 08 2013

Getting around in Langkawi

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Plenty of back road exploring.

Although Langkawi is a relatively small island, hoofing it on foot will only work in certain areas and public transportation is not an option. So you’re left with getting around the island via taxis, rental cars, motorbikes and for the hearty souls, bicycles. Prices tend to vary throughout Langkawi as much as the weather, so … read the full post

Jan 02 2013

Review: The Daily Dose Cafe, Penang

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Kick back with a good book.

If you’ve come to Penang to experience its fantastic local cuisine, a cafe serving Mexican and Mediterreanean specials may not necessarily be top of your must-visit list. However, like Georgetown itself, The Daily Dose Cafe is a heady fusion of cultural influences, and with its pan-continental menu, great stash of wines and some of the … read the full post

Jan 02 2013

Langkawi’s Kompleks Kraf (Craft Complex)

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The band plays on in the Heritage Museum.

If you’re looking for a bit of Langkawi and Malaysian culture, Kompleks Kraf (Craft Complex) on the remote north side of Langkawi should fit the bill with its collection of small museums. The complex is a sprawling group of uniquely designed buildings set in well-landscaped grounds overlooking the Andaman Sea. Upon entering the main reception … read the full post

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