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Apr 27 2013

Kayaking in Kuching

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Look at all those trees *swoon*

If you’re looking to experience some primary jungle in Sarawak without lumbering all the way out into Borneo’s interior, a river kayaking trip in the Padawan region provides some breathtaking scenery and is an easy way to do it. Tourist excursions in Sarawak and Sabah are often overpriced, crowded and head to overrated attractions; so … read the full post

Apr 24 2013

Review: Chuan Bee Cafe, Penang

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Joo hoo char: to the uninitiated, stir-fry wrapped in salad is an unusual combination.

Chuan Bee Cafe has become something of a living legend in Penang. The story goes that an Australian couple once chanced upon it, loved it and spread the word about it, and in-the-know travellers have made their culinary pilgrimages here ever since. This only goes to prove the power of the backpacker grapevine, because unless … read the full post

Apr 23 2013

Review: Soluna Guesthouse, Langkawi

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Vista viewing verandas are an added plus.

Soluna Guest House is the new kid on the block among the guesthouses in Langkawi’s Pantai Cenang. Recently opened, this secluded little rural hideaway surrounded by coconut palms is tucked behind the Laman Padi Museum and is a great budget choice that is only going to improve as the tropical gardens start to flourish. Passing … read the full post

Apr 17 2013

Malaysia eats: Eating char kway teow in Penang

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Sister’s serves up liberal portions, with a delicious sprinkling of fresh crab meat.

Ask anyone from Penang which dish they would most readily associate with their home island, and the answer is quite likely to be char kway teow. While the likes of Penang laksa or Hokkien mee might be more obvious indigenous contenders, char kway teow holds a very special place in the hearts of locals, and … read the full post

Apr 16 2013

Sports in Langkawi

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It's not as easy as it looks, but loads of fun.

Langkawi’s activities include everything from paintball to yoga, making it possible to reconnect with an old favourite or try something new while visiting the island. For those who play well with others, the air-con bowling alley at the Jetty Point Ferry Terminal is a great place to chill out between ferry arrivals and departures. If … read the full post

Apr 13 2013

Island hopping in Langkawi

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The 'Pregnant Maiden'. Can you see her?

Island hopping advertisements are everywhere on Langkawi. It’s a cut-throat business and prices have slowly decreased in the past few years to the low price of 25 ringgit per person for a three-hour, three-island tour. This low across-the-board price doesn’t reflect on customer service, condition of the boats or licensed versus “freelance”. In addition to … read the full post

Apr 09 2013

Little Penang Street Market

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Upper Penang Road is best known as Georgetown’s party street, but if your Saturday sundowner session spirals into an all-night bar crawl, you may stumble out of a club the following morning to find yourself face to face with a whole different type of street party, in the form of the Little Penang Street Market. … read the full post

Apr 04 2013

Unrest in Sabah: How does it affect tourists?

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A rally in support of Malaysian forces

Some 74 Malaysians and Sulu militants have died in a conflict involving Filipino nationals “invading” Malaysia’s Sabah that first flared in mid-February. The Malaysian government has declared Sabah’s east coast a “special security area” and British and Australian authorities have advised against non-essential or all travel to the east coast (the US advice to remain … read the full post