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Jul 31 2013

Hair salons in Langkawi

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Nothing like a little post travel pampering.

Been on the road for a while before your arrival in Langkawi and feeling the after-affects of dusty trails in Laos or beach swimming in Bali? Although wearing your scruffiness is often a badge of honour for the backpacking explorer, sometimes even the hardiest of travellers needs a haircut. Langkawi’s Kuah offers two salons — … read the full post

Jul 29 2013

Free things to do on Penang

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Penang's beaches may not be the best in the region, but Turtle Beach in the National Park ain't half bad.

Let’s face it: budgeting while you’re travelling can become really tedious. There are times when you just want to let loose, forget about that dwindling current account or mounting credit card bill, and splurge. But what happens if an expensive diving course or a few-too-many all-night benders have left your wallet a bit light when … read the full post

Jul 19 2013

A taste of Ramadan in Penang

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Stalls piled high with deep fried Indian snacks are quickly depleted when the day's fast ends.

The holy month of Ramadan may not seem like the most obvious time to enjoy traditional Malay food but every evening, once the daylight hours of abstinence and spiritual reflection are over, Penang’s Muslims gather at Ramadan bazaars across the island to break the fast and spend quality time with family and friends. Georgetown’s Muslim … read the full post

Jul 12 2013

Travel in Southeast Asia during Ramadan

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There's no shortage of sweets at the Ramadan Bazaars.

Ramadan can be a mystery for many travellers passing through predominantly Muslim terrain. Messages of ‘everything will be closed’ are often passed along the backpacking word-of-mouth trail, but rest assured, besides a few inconveniences of finding some businesses closed or perhaps a ferry schedule changed, it’s not too big a deal. The cultural experience alone is worth the … read the full post

Jul 05 2013

Review: Mugshot Cafe and Rainforest Bakery, Penang

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The Mugshot Cafe has quickly become the hang-out of choice for young Penangites and expats.

With so much excellent local food on offer, you will never go hungry in Penang. However, if your belly is begging for bread and baked goods after all those noodle and rice dishes, it is useful to know where to go, and the Rainforest Bakery in Georgetown will definitely quell your cravings. Stacked full of … read the full post