Travelfish correspondent Sarah Hishan

With an ancestry as colourful as it is confused, making a home anywhere has become Sarah’s true specialty and having already lived in 8 countries, no border truly characterises her. As an honours graduate in law and unwavering dedication to international human rights law, she hopes to promote a culture of tolerance by combining her love of travel with an international legal career.

Originally from Malaysia, she’s an intrepid traveler who has explored over 36 nations and experienced countless adventures including diving with great white sharks, traveling across East Africa for 2 months on a truck and defending those wrongfully convicted on death row. She’s returned to her home country after 14 years away in hopes of sharing its unique culture, food and sights to travelers who want to experience Malaysia on a budget, and as a local.

Sarah is now the Malaysian correspondent for as well as having written for numerous international travel publications. She is also currently the ADEX Dive Ambassador for 2012, a role through which she will be promoting the conservation of marine ecology, particularly that of manta rays. Articles can be found in the sister publications of Asian Diver and Australasia Scuba Diver both in print and online at

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