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Jun 10 2014

Ramadan in Langkawi

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Get your tasty treats at the Ramadan markets.

For the casual traveller to Langkawi during Ramadan, daily life continues much as usual and the month-long ritual has minimal impact on non-Muslim visitors. Ramadan on Langkawi in 2014 begins at sunrise on June 28 or 29 and ends at sunset July 27, with the two-day celebration of Hari Raya running July 28 and 29. (Actual start … read the full post

Jan 29 2014

Lunar New Year 2014 in Penang

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As the horse canters its way towards the zodiac calendar, Penangites are getting ready to welcome it with a fortnight of celebrations and ceremonies. Visiting Penang over the Lunar New Year period is something of a mixed blessing. On the one hand, traffic over the first two or three days can be an absolute nightmare … read the full post

Dec 23 2013

New Year 2014 in Penang

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From family-friendly to downright debauched, Penang offers up a number of different and suitably celebratory ways in which to welcome 2014. Here are a few ideas to help you plan your New Year’s Eve. Celebrations in Georgetown kick off at the Esplanade Park (next to Fort Cornwallis on Lebuh Light) from 20:00. As Penang’s official … read the full post

Dec 04 2013

Christmas 2013: Festive cheer in Penang

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Christmas in Malaysia can sometimes feel a little underwhelming if you are used to the three-month build-up of lights, decorations, festive jingles and the unbridled shopping that takes place elsewhere in the world. However, when you know where to go, you’ll discover that the island is definitely doing its bit to generate some good old-fashioned … read the full post

Mar 20 2013

Borneo International Kite Festival, Sarawak

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Sarawak is a strange pick and mix of contradictions, from its massively industrialised coastal cities to its sparsely populated rural villages with barely any electricity. Therefore, it should not be entirely surprising that Sarawak hosts the Borneo International Kite Festival despite there being almost no kite-flying culture in Sarawak or even in the rest of … read the full post

Mar 29 2012

Wesak (Vesak) 2012 in Malaysia

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Malaysia is often described an Islamic country, but Muslims make up at most 60% of the population, which leaves a hefty 40% of people who practise a whole range of other religions, from animism to Zoroastrianism. The largest minority, comprising one in five Malaysians, are Buddhists, most of them ethnic Chinese. Although a majority of … read the full post

Feb 08 2012

Photo essay: Thaipusam 2012 at Batu Caves

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For three days every year, the Batu Caves temple complex is at the centre of Malaysia’s most extraordinary religious event — the Hindu festival of Thaipusam. On the first day, a procession wends its way from central Kuala Lumpur to the complex, which is about 15km to the north. Setting off just after midnight, it takes … read the full post

Jan 24 2012

The Hindu festival of Thaipusam in Malaysia

It’s a bit like waiting for a bus: you hang round for ages for a major festival, and then five come along in quick succession. First up is Deepavali, then Christmas, (Western) New Year, Chinese New Year, and last but not least, Thaipusam. The latter may not be well known outside southern India, but for … read the full post

Jan 05 2012

Enter the dragon: Chinese (Lunar) New Year in Kuala Lumpur

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No sooner is Christmas over in Kuala Lumpur than preparations start for Chinese New Year (CNY), arguably the city’s most important festival. Also known as Lunar New Year or the Spring Festival, it marks the start of the first month of the Chinese lunar calendar. Rotating cycles are used to name the year after an … read the full post

Dec 15 2011

How to celebrate (Western) New Year in Kuala Lumpur

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One of the side-effects of having such a mix of races and religions living in Malaysia, is that every few weeks seems to herald some major festival or other. This is particularly true of New Year, which is celebrated by Muslims, Chinese, Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs, as well as indigenous peoples, at different times. As a … read the full post

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