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Dec 24 2012

Christmas in Langkawi

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Nothing says Merry Christmas better than bikini clad mannequins.

Christmas in Langkawi is usually marked by the annual Pondok Keladi Christmas Charity Bazaar, an event that initially emerged in the season of giving to become these days the local ringer-in of the holiday season. But other big signs of Christmas are usually isolated to hotels and the local malls. It may have been that … read the full post

Oct 13 2011

Langkawi Live: A new music festival with more than a hint of green

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The Malaysian government’s announcement last week of a 420 million ringgit plan to boost tourism in Langkawi sent a huge shiver down my spine. The last thing this beautiful island needs is more visitors; most of its best beaches are already either over-developed, or the private property of exclusive resorts. What Langkawi (and indeed Malaysia … read the full post