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May 29 2013

Langkawi mangrove tours

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Mangrove tours are big business in Langkawi due an abundance of estuary wildlife. A tour can be an enjoyable way to spend a day, spotting wildlife and immersing yourself in nature. Here’s what to expect on a day trip. Choosing one guide over another can sometimes make the difference between a true adventure or just … read the full post

May 16 2013

Review: Privilege Restaurant and Bar, Langkawi

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Malaysian fusion restaurant Privilege offers a unique Langkawi culinary experience, with five-star dining at three-star prices. The ambiance of this small, intimate restaurant is a refreshing change from the local norm. The interior is contemporary, accented by touches of traditional Malay, with elegant but simple furniture and a view of  Telaga Harbour below and distant jungles. A … read the full post

May 08 2013

Cooking classes in Langkawi

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Cooking classes in Langkawi are generally limited to the occasional resort and hotel recreational activity and non-guests are often allowed to participate for a not-so-small fee. But with the influx of new tourist traffic this may soon change, as local cuisine is once again embraced as part of the ‘cultural’ experience tourism package that is … read the full post

May 01 2013

Langkawi waterfalls

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Mini-falls for the less athletic.

Although Langkawi is well known for its beaches and rainforests, the island’s four main waterfalls are also worthy of checking out — they’re picturesque, romantic and best of all free. Several waterfalls and clear, cool pools are tucked away within Langkawi’s rainforest, but Seven Wells is undoubtedly the largest and most popular. Located on Jalan … read the full post

Apr 23 2013

Review: Soluna Guesthouse, Langkawi

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Vista viewing verandas are an added plus.

Soluna Guest House is the new kid on the block among the guesthouses in Langkawi’s Pantai Cenang. Recently opened, this secluded little rural hideaway surrounded by coconut palms is tucked behind the Laman Padi Museum and is a great budget choice that is only going to improve as the tropical gardens start to flourish. Passing … read the full post

Apr 16 2013

Sports in Langkawi

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It's not as easy as it looks, but loads of fun.

Langkawi’s activities include everything from paintball to yoga, making it possible to reconnect with an old favourite or try something new while visiting the island. For those who play well with others, the air-con bowling alley at the Jetty Point Ferry Terminal is a great place to chill out between ferry arrivals and departures. If … read the full post

Apr 13 2013

Island hopping in Langkawi

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The 'Pregnant Maiden'. Can you see her?

Island hopping advertisements are everywhere on Langkawi. It’s a cut-throat business and prices have slowly decreased in the past few years to the low price of 25 ringgit per person for a three-hour, three-island tour. This low across-the-board price doesn’t reflect on customer service, condition of the boats or licensed versus “freelance”. In addition to … read the full post

Mar 26 2013

Review: The Cabin, Langkawi

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Honestly, the things you can do with shipping containers these days!

In Langkawi’s ever-changing Pantai Cenang, more and more hotels are being built or remodelled, each vying for sea views as taller structures emerge. With their feet firmly planted in the ground, however, The Cabin is a simple accommodation option with a low price tag worth considering if you’re on a budget. At 150 ringgit a … read the full post

Mar 21 2013

Langkawi’s hot springs

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Nothing beats the old private jacuzzi!

Langkawi’s Ayer Hangat Village is home to therapeutic hot springs lying just north of Kuah on Jalan Ayer Hangat and makes for an interesting trip. Malay-style buildings create a village-like environment on the lush landscaped grounds, with cool and hot water pools. A series of small canals run through the grounds and connect hot spring … read the full post

Mar 06 2013

Medical services in Langkawi

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A wealth of medical knowledge resides here.

Langkawi has most of your health needs covered with, hospitals and clinics available. Here are some words of advice to keep in mind ahead of a trip there — just in case something goes wrong. Langkawi has very good facilities and services available for all but the most critical of medical conditions. Langkawi Hospital (website … read the full post

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