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Feb 26 2013

Cheap eats in Pantai Cenang, Langkawi

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A multi-coloured ribbon winner!

With increased international tourism to Langkawi, more mum and pop restaurants are not only surviving, they’re thriving.  Despite increased rents for many local businesses, these family-owned and operated eateries continue to serve their specialty dishes at backpacker prices. We sussed out a few winners in Pantai Cenang that embrace culinary dishes from several continents and … read the full post

Feb 19 2013

Sundowner spots in Langkawi’s Pantai Cenang

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The best seats in the house.

The busy beachfront of Pantai Cenang, heavily laden with palms and massive beach umbrellas, often obscures some businesses from sight. Add water sports touts and the general circus-like chaos and you can be seriously hindered from spotting a dining or cold drink pit stop. Here are a few affordable waterfront sunset cafe and bars where … read the full post

Feb 13 2013

Langkawi duty free

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One of the first things that you’ll likely notice when you arrive in Langkawi is the inexpensive beer and beachside cocktails compared to elsewhere in Malaysia. The island was a relatively unknown tourist destination in Malaysia before the government awarded it duty-free status in 1987; this was initially initiated to make tourism more affordable for … read the full post

Feb 06 2013

Review: Gecko Guesthouse, Langkawi

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That old style charm.

Gecko Guesthouse is one of the original backpacker-type guesthouses in Langkawi’s Pantai Cenang. It’s conveniently located a short walk from  Jalan Pantai Cenang, the main thoroughfare that runs parallel to Cenang Beach seaside. Originally built in the early 1990s, it was purchased by its present proprietor in 2003 and upgraded, yet has kept its old … read the full post

Jan 29 2013

Langkawi’s Museum Laman Padi

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This colourful Museum piece says it all.

Rice museums may not be big on your list of things to do in Southeast Asia, but if you’re travelling through Langkawi, a visit to Museum Laman Padi (Rice Garden Museum) is worth it. The island of Langkawi is part of Kedah, a state known as the rice-bowl of Malaysia and the highest producer of … read the full post

Jan 22 2013

Review: Troppo Co., Langkawi

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They have an assortment of hair raising coffee to choose from.

Pantai Tengah’s Jalan Teluk Baru offers an assortment of small restaurants displaying signs of their particular days of glory. It’s almost safe to say that the older and more weathered the sign, the more staying power that particular restaurant has had among the competition and probably a good ‘sign’, so to speak. And although finding inexpensive … read the full post

Jan 15 2013

Langkawi weather

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50 percent chance of scattered showers.

What’s the best time of year to travel to Langkawi, weather-wise? That all depends on what you like to do. The Langkawi archipelago of 104 islands is just off the northwest coast of the Malaysian peninsula and creates the entrance to the Melaka Straits. The Indonesian island of Sumatra forms the western barrier of the … read the full post

Jan 08 2013

Getting around in Langkawi

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Plenty of back road exploring.

Although Langkawi is a relatively small island, hoofing it on foot will only work in certain areas and public transportation is not an option. So you’re left with getting around the island via taxis, rental cars, motorbikes and for the hearty souls, bicycles. Prices tend to vary throughout Langkawi as much as the weather, so … read the full post

Jan 02 2013

Langkawi’s Kompleks Kraf (Craft Complex)

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The band plays on in the Heritage Museum.

If you’re looking for a bit of Langkawi and Malaysian culture, Kompleks Kraf (Craft Complex) on the remote north side of Langkawi should fit the bill with its collection of small museums. The complex is a sprawling group of uniquely designed buildings set in well-landscaped grounds overlooking the Andaman Sea. Upon entering the main reception … read the full post

Dec 27 2012

Review: Tubotel, Langkawi

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The colourful ambiance of your private drainage pipe awaits.

Hands down the most unique accommodation choice in Langkawi is Tubotel, whose catchphrase is, “Don’t be square!” Located just north of the entrance to Pantai Cenang at the end of Jetty Pelancongan Cenang, this colourful curiosity has a prime waterfront location offering rooms at guesthouse prices. The rooms are cocoon-like structures made from large diameter … read the full post

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