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Dec 24 2012

Christmas in Langkawi

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Nothing says Merry Christmas better than bikini clad mannequins.

Christmas in Langkawi is usually marked by the annual Pondok Keladi Christmas Charity Bazaar, an event that initially emerged in the season of giving to become these days the local ringer-in of the holiday season. But other big signs of Christmas are usually isolated to hotels and the local malls. It may have been that … read the full post

Dec 20 2012

Langkawi Night Markets

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Nothing draws a crowd better than the aroma of food.

Night markets are a regular occurrence across Langkawi, with these culinary venues being scheduled every night of the week in various parts of the island. They usually start hopping at 17:00 and continue late into the night or when vendors sell out. The vendors are consistent in their appearances, being in tune with what’s popular … read the full post

Dec 11 2012

Getting from Langkawi to Ko Lipe

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Next stop, Ko Lipe.

The island of Ko Lipe is open year round, but due to seasonal rains and currents, getting there directly from Langkawi is only possible from roughly October through April. The absolute quickest route is taking the high-speed boats from Telaga harbour for 128 ringgit one way. Two departure options are available daily from the Telaga … read the full post

Dec 04 2012

Review: Sheela’s Restaurant and Cafe

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Malay or Western is done well here.

If in Langkawi some of your party wants to try local Malay cuisine and others are wanting a taste of the West, Sheela’s Restaurant and Cafe is a good spot to try in Pantai Tengah. The atmosphere alone is worth it just to sit and have a beer, because it’s truly a little garden paradise. … read the full post

Nov 20 2012

Review: Airport Corner, Langkawi

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Just like being at home.

With increasing numbers of direct international flights into Langkawi, happy travellers could find themselves killing up to three hours in a rather entertainment-limited airport. Eating is an effortless time killer, but as we all know airport prices tend to be a tad high, especially when it comes to food and drink. But within a five-minute … read the full post

Nov 13 2012

Langkawi wet markets

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These small Mackerel have no scales and quite tasty.

Langkawi’s wet markets can be superb resources for the budget traveller. Sometimes guesthouses on the island come with kitchen availability or access, and while Langkawi does indeed have grocery stores and minimarts, shaving a few ringgit from your food budget by shopping at wet markets on the island is worth the effort. Anything from freshly … read the full post

Nov 06 2012

Watersports in Langkawi

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Tropical islands tend to embrace water sports and Langkawi is no different. The sailing is excellent and contrary to popular belief, clear water snorkelling and scuba diving are available as well. But the two most popular beaches in Langkawi, Pantai Cenang and Pantai Tengah primarily tout no licence-needed, fun-in-the-sun activities; you’ll find an abundance of … read the full post

Nov 04 2012

Review: Budaba, Langkawi

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Budaba is a rather funky San Francisco/Haight-Ashbury type of watering hole located in Pantai Tengah. From the exterior it has a rather uninviting vibe because the doors are always closed and it’s a bit dark. But perhaps that’s its beauty — it has mystery. Or okay, maybe it’s just because they have poor lighting and … read the full post

Oct 26 2012

Kuah, Langkawi

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Food is great and the infamous Chicken Joe is usually on site.

Kuah is the largest town in Langkawi and the hub of the island’s commerce and politics. It’s in transition, as is most of the island, away from an island-based economy towards one focused heavily on tourism, meaning you’ll see plenty of old and new juxtapositions. Kuah is a town with a vision for the future; … read the full post

Oct 17 2012

Langkawi’s interior

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Most visitors and travellers to Langkawi spend the majority of their time near one of the coastal areas or beaches, say Pantai Cenang or Pantai Tengah. For a different island experience, however, the interior of Langkawi is as active an encounter as the rest of Langkawi. The leisurely pace of the area’s back roads and … read the full post

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