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Aug 01 2013

Review: Boat Restaurant, Langkawi

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Spicy Thai salad to pack a punch or not.

When it comes to the theory that an aged business sign means staying power holds true when it comes to Boat Restaurant in Langkawi’s Pantai Tengah. The same weathered sign has been a landmark searched for by bargain seafood diners for five years and counting. The Boat is a simple open-air restaurant set back just enough … read the full post

May 08 2013

Cooking classes in Langkawi

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Cooking classes in Langkawi are generally limited to the occasional resort and hotel recreational activity and non-guests are often allowed to participate for a not-so-small fee. But with the influx of new tourist traffic this may soon change, as local cuisine is once again embraced as part of the ‘cultural’ experience tourism package that is … read the full post

Jan 22 2013

Review: Troppo Co., Langkawi

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They have an assortment of hair raising coffee to choose from.

Pantai Tengah’s Jalan Teluk Baru offers an assortment of small restaurants displaying signs of their particular days of glory. It’s almost safe to say that the older and more weathered the sign, the more staying power that particular restaurant has had among the competition and probably a good ‘sign’, so to speak. And although finding inexpensive … read the full post

Dec 04 2012

Review: Sheela’s Restaurant and Cafe

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Malay or Western is done well here.

If in Langkawi some of your party wants to try local Malay cuisine and others are wanting a taste of the West, Sheela’s Restaurant and Cafe is a good spot to try in Pantai Tengah. The atmosphere alone is worth it just to sit and have a beer, because it’s truly a little garden paradise. … read the full post

Nov 04 2012

Review: Budaba, Langkawi

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Budaba is a rather funky San Francisco/Haight-Ashbury type of watering hole located in Pantai Tengah. From the exterior it has a rather uninviting vibe because the doors are always closed and it’s a bit dark. But perhaps that’s its beauty — it has mystery. Or okay, maybe it’s just because they have poor lighting and … read the full post

Sep 03 2012

Langkawi’s Pantai Tengah

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The official beginning of Tengah Beach.

Most people traveling to Langkawi have heard of Pantai Cenang, or Cenang beach — Malaysia’s version of Cancun, if you like. Pantai Cenang has a lot to offer: shops, restaurants, hotels across all budgets and a long stretch of beautiful beach. However, just past its rocky headland — which sports The Cliff Restaurant — lies … read the full post

Sep 03 2012

Review: Zackry Guest House, Langkawi

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Eclectic and fun.

Zackry Guest House off Panta Tengah is a 27-room guesthouse set in a hodge-podge cluster of buildings down towards the end of Jalan Pantai Tengah. The small pool to the left and the duck pond to right add to Zackry’s eclectic ambiance. As you arrive you walk down a short drive to the main reception … read the full post