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Jun 19 2013

Langkawi ferries

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You name it, they've got the ticket!

Flying has become so secondary to many travellers that considering going by not-so-romantic ferries, buses or even trains can completely be left out of the equation of determining holiday plans. But not only are these options greatly available in Malaysia, they save you big bucks and their frequent scheduling can often save you time; the … read the full post

Jan 08 2013

Getting around in Langkawi

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Plenty of back road exploring.

Although Langkawi is a relatively small island, hoofing it on foot will only work in certain areas and public transportation is not an option. So you’re left with getting around the island via taxis, rental cars, motorbikes and for the hearty souls, bicycles. Prices tend to vary throughout Langkawi as much as the weather, so … read the full post