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May 30 2013

Penang’s clan houses: A walking tour

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Ancestral tablets at the Khoo Kongsi bear the names of generations of clan members.

Without doubt, one of the most atmospheric and photogenic parts of Georgetown is the area centred around Lebuh Armenian, where the narrow streets still conjure a sense of old Penang. Tucked away beyond the rows of shophouses, this is also where you will find some of the town’s most stunning and best-renowned kongsi, or clan … read the full post

May 22 2013

George Town Festival, Penang

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July 7 marks an important anniversary for Penang. On this day nearly five years ago, the island’s capital Georgetown was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, confirming its position as one of Southeast Asia’s best preserved and most culturally significant historical towns.  On the back of this distinguished accolade, it has since established a strong … read the full post

May 15 2013

Buses in Penang

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Bus numbers and route details are displayed electronically and in the old-fashioned way.

It would be fair to say that Penang is not known for the efficiency or convenience of its transport, and if you want to venture out of central Georgetown, it’s not quite as easy as jumping in the nearest rickshaw. Car taxis are expensive relative to the cost of living, and unlike other Southeast Asian … read the full post

May 09 2013

Penang Botanic Gardens

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The gardens' famed Black Lily.

Even in the centre of Penang’s Georgetown, nature is never that far away. Just beyond the suburbs, the encroaching jungle blurs the boundary between urban and rural Penang, and if you want to experience Malaysia’s rainforests without straying too far from the sanctity of the city, you need go no further than the Botanic Gardens. … read the full post

May 02 2013

Escape theme park, Penang

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Monkeying Around, one of the park's main attractions, provides a great workout.

Penang is a green island in more than one sense of the word. Beyond the concrete suburbs that hug the eastern and northeastern coasts, much of the island is in fact covered in jungle and the local government is keen to promote its environmentally conscious side. The ‘Cleaner Greener Penang’ campaign is visible everywhere, and … read the full post

Apr 24 2013

Review: Chuan Bee Cafe, Penang

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Joo hoo char: to the uninitiated, stir-fry wrapped in salad is an unusual combination.

Chuan Bee Cafe has become something of a living legend in Penang. The story goes that an Australian couple once chanced upon it, loved it and spread the word about it, and in-the-know travellers have made their culinary pilgrimages here ever since. This only goes to prove the power of the backpacker grapevine, because unless … read the full post

Apr 17 2013

Malaysia eats: Eating char kway teow in Penang

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Sister’s serves up liberal portions, with a delicious sprinkling of fresh crab meat.

Ask anyone from Penang which dish they would most readily associate with their home island, and the answer is quite likely to be char kway teow. While the likes of Penang laksa or Hokkien mee might be more obvious indigenous contenders, char kway teow holds a very special place in the hearts of locals, and … read the full post

Apr 09 2013

Little Penang Street Market

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Upper Penang Road is best known as Georgetown’s party street, but if your Saturday sundowner session spirals into an all-night bar crawl, you may stumble out of a club the following morning to find yourself face to face with a whole different type of street party, in the form of the Little Penang Street Market. … read the full post

Mar 22 2013

Exploring Penang’s clan jetties

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Pot gardens are a particular feature of the Chew Jetty.

Just when you thought you had explored every last corner of Georgetown and walked all of its historical streets, you might be pleased to learn that there is, quite literally, a whole new side of town waiting to be discovered. Beyond the shoreline that runs along Pengkalan Weld, Penang’s other-worldly clan jetties jut out over … read the full post

Mar 07 2013

Review: Mews Cafe, Penang

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The cafe can get busy over lunchtimes, but is a relaxing place to while away an afternoon.

Many restaurants in Penang have attempted to take the relaxed continental cafe vibe and transfer it to the Asian setting, but none more successfully than Mews Cafe. With excellent coffee, a simple but stylish interior, varied menu and personable service, it gets the balance just right and successfully combines the best of European and Asian. … read the full post

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