Nov 04 2012

Review: Budaba, Langkawi

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Budaba is a rather funky San Francisco/Haight-Ashbury type of watering hole located in Pantai Tengah. From the exterior it has a rather uninviting vibe because the doors are always closed and it’s a bit dark. But perhaps that’s its beauty — it has mystery. Or okay, maybe it’s just because they have poor lighting and … read the full post

Oct 30 2012

Review: Calanthe Art Cafe, Melaka

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Coffee, Malaysia style.

Travellers love Malaysia for its diverse and delicious food, but did you know it’s also a coffee-producing country? Taste the distinctive blend from each of Malaysia’s 13 states at the Calanthe Art Cafe in Melaka. This funky cafe is located just off Jonker Street, an ideal location for a caffeine pick-me-up during a long day … read the full post

Oct 27 2012

Malaysia’s old Borneo

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The veranda of a long house

Although in the past 50 years Malaysian Borneo has undergone dramatic development, there are still pockets where you can experience “old Borneo” — that is, places where people still live in longhouses and go out into the forest to gather food. Here are a few suggestions on finding them. One such place is Bario, home … read the full post

Oct 26 2012

Kuah, Langkawi

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Food is great and the infamous Chicken Joe is usually on site.

Kuah is the largest town in Langkawi and the hub of the island’s commerce and politics. It’s in transition, as is most of the island, away from an island-based economy towards one focused heavily on tourism, meaning you’ll see plenty of old and new juxtapositions. Kuah is a town with a vision for the future; … read the full post

Oct 21 2012

Review: Restoran Famosa Chicken Rice Ball, Melaka

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Chicken rice balls and a pot of chili sauce.

Every day Restoran Famosa in Melaka serves up hundreds of plates of its signature chicken rice balls. Some see the restaurant as a local institution, but others consider it a tourist trap. Is it worth the hype and should you seek it out from among Melaka’s other restaurant offerings? Our first observation, and one explanation … read the full post

Oct 19 2012

Rainforest trekking with the Penan

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Gratuitous tree shot.

The Borneo jungle can be an unforgiving place; it’s humid, it’s mountainous and around inhabited areas, although there are trails, it’s easy to get lost. However, last year in a moment of spectacular spontaneity, I booked a trip to head into the Ulu, or interior, of Sarawak. I would stay with a local indigenous community, … read the full post

Oct 17 2012

Langkawi’s interior

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Most visitors and travellers to Langkawi spend the majority of their time near one of the coastal areas or beaches, say Pantai Cenang or Pantai Tengah. For a different island experience, however, the interior of Langkawi is as active an encounter as the rest of Langkawi. The leisurely pace of the area’s back roads and … read the full post

Oct 14 2012

Melaka’s best museums

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As close as you'll get to being a Melaka pirate.

The long-term plan authorities have for the historic city of Melaka is for it to offer a whopping 21 museums. Unfortunately the emphasis is on quantity over quality, and has resulted in some spectacular bores. Read on to learn which museums are worth your ringgit. Dutch Square isn’t just a bunch of pretty red buildings; … read the full post

Oct 12 2012

Mantanani Island, Malaysian Borneo

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Mantanani Sunset

I have met many a traveller at the airport who has just stepped off a twin-otter flight from the interior, their bags heavy with damp clothes that have been unable to dry under the canopy of the forest and their legs pock marked with leech bites; the residue of the rainforest lingers darkly on their … read the full post

Oct 09 2012

Langkawi’s Pantai Cenang

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Yup, long stretch of white sandy beach.

Thanks to development, the new part of Langkawi’s Pantai Cenang looks absolutely nothing like it did just five years ago. The plus side of this is that the place definitely looks alive and open for business, regardless of the season; but it also looks and feels a bit chaotic at times. The stretch of road … read the full post

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