May 16 2013

Review: Privilege Restaurant and Bar, Langkawi

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Malaysian fusion restaurant Privilege offers a unique Langkawi culinary experience, with five-star dining at three-star prices. The ambiance of this small, intimate restaurant is a refreshing change from the local norm. The interior is contemporary, accented by touches of traditional Malay, with elegant but simple furniture and a view of  Telaga Harbour below and distant jungles. A … read the full post

May 15 2013

Buses in Penang

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Bus numbers and route details are displayed electronically and in the old-fashioned way.

It would be fair to say that Penang is not known for the efficiency or convenience of its transport, and if you want to venture out of central Georgetown, it’s not quite as easy as jumping in the nearest rickshaw. Car taxis are expensive relative to the cost of living, and unlike other Southeast Asian … read the full post

May 11 2013

Splurging in Kuching

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People often complain that Malaysian Borneo is expensive compared to the rest of Southeast Asia but you would be really hard-pressed to find things to splurge on in Kuching. Nonetheless, this intrepid writer splurged for a day so that you can save your pennies. Live vicariously! Ask Kuchingites for the best hotel in town and … read the full post

May 09 2013

Penang Botanic Gardens

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The gardens' famed Black Lily.

Even in the centre of Penang’s Georgetown, nature is never that far away. Just beyond the suburbs, the encroaching jungle blurs the boundary between urban and rural Penang, and if you want to experience Malaysia’s rainforests without straying too far from the sanctity of the city, you need go no further than the Botanic Gardens. … read the full post

May 08 2013

Cooking classes in Langkawi

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Cooking classes in Langkawi are generally limited to the occasional resort and hotel recreational activity and non-guests are often allowed to participate for a not-so-small fee. But with the influx of new tourist traffic this may soon change, as local cuisine is once again embraced as part of the ‘cultural’ experience tourism package that is … read the full post

May 02 2013

Escape theme park, Penang

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Monkeying Around, one of the park's main attractions, provides a great workout.

Penang is a green island in more than one sense of the word. Beyond the concrete suburbs that hug the eastern and northeastern coasts, much of the island is in fact covered in jungle and the local government is keen to promote its environmentally conscious side. The ‘Cleaner Greener Penang’ campaign is visible everywhere, and … read the full post

May 01 2013

Langkawi waterfalls

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Mini-falls for the less athletic.

Although Langkawi is well known for its beaches and rainforests, the island’s four main waterfalls are also worthy of checking out — they’re picturesque, romantic and best of all free. Several waterfalls and clear, cool pools are tucked away within Langkawi’s rainforest, but Seven Wells is undoubtedly the largest and most popular. Located on Jalan … read the full post

Apr 27 2013

Kayaking in Kuching

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Look at all those trees *swoon*

If you’re looking to experience some primary jungle in Sarawak without lumbering all the way out into Borneo’s interior, a river kayaking trip in the Padawan region provides some breathtaking scenery and is an easy way to do it. Tourist excursions in Sarawak and Sabah are often overpriced, crowded and head to overrated attractions; so … read the full post

Apr 24 2013

Review: Chuan Bee Cafe, Penang

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Joo hoo char: to the uninitiated, stir-fry wrapped in salad is an unusual combination.

Chuan Bee Cafe has become something of a living legend in Penang. The story goes that an Australian couple once chanced upon it, loved it and spread the word about it, and in-the-know travellers have made their culinary pilgrimages here ever since. This only goes to prove the power of the backpacker grapevine, because unless … read the full post

Apr 23 2013

Review: Soluna Guesthouse, Langkawi

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Vista viewing verandas are an added plus.

Soluna Guest House is the new kid on the block among the guesthouses in Langkawi’s Pantai Cenang. Recently opened, this secluded little rural hideaway surrounded by coconut palms is tucked behind the Laman Padi Museum and is a great budget choice that is only going to improve as the tropical gardens start to flourish. Passing … read the full post

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