Mar 21 2013

Langkawi’s hot springs

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Nothing beats the old private jacuzzi!

Langkawi’s Ayer Hangat Village is home to therapeutic hot springs lying just north of Kuah on Jalan Ayer Hangat and makes for an interesting trip. Malay-style buildings create a village-like environment on the lush landscaped grounds, with cool and hot water pools. A series of small canals run through the grounds and connect hot spring … read the full post

Mar 20 2013

Borneo International Kite Festival, Sarawak

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Sarawak is a strange pick and mix of contradictions, from its massively industrialised coastal cities to its sparsely populated rural villages with barely any electricity. Therefore, it should not be entirely surprising that Sarawak hosts the Borneo International Kite Festival despite there being almost no kite-flying culture in Sarawak or even in the rest of … read the full post

Mar 07 2013

Review: Mews Cafe, Penang

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The cafe can get busy over lunchtimes, but is a relaxing place to while away an afternoon.

Many restaurants in Penang have attempted to take the relaxed continental cafe vibe and transfer it to the Asian setting, but none more successfully than Mews Cafe. With excellent coffee, a simple but stylish interior, varied menu and personable service, it gets the balance just right and successfully combines the best of European and Asian. … read the full post

Mar 06 2013

Medical services in Langkawi

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A wealth of medical knowledge resides here.

Langkawi has most of your health needs covered with, hospitals and clinics available. Here are some words of advice to keep in mind ahead of a trip there — just in case something goes wrong. Langkawi has very good facilities and services available for all but the most critical of medical conditions. Langkawi Hospital (website … read the full post

Feb 27 2013

Review: Roommates Guesthouse Penang

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Floor to ceiling glass: more than your average hostel dorm.

Hostels in Georgetown are undergoing something of a renaissance at the moment. As attention moves away from the tired establishments along the traditional backpacker row, Lebuh Chulia, a host of more happening hangouts are beginning to emerge, and Roommates Guesthouse on Lorong Chulia is one of the most recent new kids on the block. Located … read the full post

Feb 26 2013

Cheap eats in Pantai Cenang, Langkawi

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A multi-coloured ribbon winner!

With increased international tourism to Langkawi, more mum and pop restaurants are not only surviving, they’re thriving.  Despite increased rents for many local businesses, these family-owned and operated eateries continue to serve their specialty dishes at backpacker prices. We sussed out a few winners in Pantai Cenang that embrace culinary dishes from several continents and … read the full post

Feb 23 2013

Borneo Jazz Festival

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She sounds like a jazz musician, but she's actually Miri's first oil well

Sarawak’s Miri is not a place we would say is ablaze with culture, yet two days a year it plays host to the Borneo Jazz Festival. A tiny festival held at the Park City Everly Hotel, this event sees jazz musicians from around the globe perform. It recently changed its name from Miri Jazz Festival … read the full post

Feb 19 2013

Sundowner spots in Langkawi’s Pantai Cenang

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The best seats in the house.

The busy beachfront of Pantai Cenang, heavily laden with palms and massive beach umbrellas, often obscures some businesses from sight. Add water sports touts and the general circus-like chaos and you can be seriously hindered from spotting a dining or cold drink pit stop. Here are a few affordable waterfront sunset cafe and bars where … read the full post

Feb 17 2013

Review: Penang Hill

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A hi-tech twenty-first century funicular train has replaced the old red-and-white carriages.

Although much of Georgetown is predominantly Chinese in character, the settlement was actually founded by the British, back in 1786. Remnants of Penang’s colonial heritage are still to be found all over town, from the Palladian splendour of St. George’s Church to the archetypically English Eastern & Oriental Hotel, but nowhere is the British influence … read the full post

Feb 15 2013

Rainforest Music Festival, Kuching

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Heineken never looked more cool.

As destinations go in Asia, Malaysian Borneo does not often come top in terms of culture and the arts; there are few live music concerts and almost no theatre features in any of the major cities. It is curious then that one of the highlights of the world music calendar happens to be in Kuching … read the full post

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