May 27 2014

Eating around Balestier Road

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Bread, bread, everywhere...

Named after Joseph Balestier, the first US Consul to Singapore, Balestier Road runs alongside what used to be his sugar-cane estate. While no traces of sugar cane remain, Balestier today is a great spot to wander and sample a range of traditional Singaporean dishes. Strap in! At 432 Balestier Road you’ll find Rochor Beancurd House, which sells soy … read the full post

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May 01 2014

Singapore’s old-style cafes

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Ding Dang candy, anyone?

Singapore’s traditional breakfast of kopi or teh with kaya butter toast and eggs has seen a surge in popularity in recent years, with local chain Ya Kun even branching out abroad. If you’d like to get nostalgic and take a step back into Singapore’s culinary past, where should you head? Local coffee chains include Ya … read the full post

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Apr 22 2014


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Candles anyone?  The uber hip Sunday Artists Market at the Vault showcases original designs, and even includes new fiction and tea blends.

Sungei Road Thieves’ Market is Singapore’s largest and oldest flea market; bursting with all kinds of retro bric-a-brac, it’s a top spot to unearth an unusual souvenir. But thanks to Singapore’s art and design scene blossoming in recent years, you can also pick up more on-trend stuff at other markets these days. Here’s the lowdown on … read the full post

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Feb 07 2014

Security and hostel dorms in Singapore

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Protecting your wet towel with a reanimated dinosaur may be a little excessive.Protecting your wet towel with a reanimated dinosaur may be a little excessive.

I’m a bit over half way through my couple of weeks of Singapore hostel testing and it’s all run pretty smoothly — some places have been great, others considerably less so. For someone who hadn’t stayed in a dorm for a few years, it has been interesting seeing just how dorms in Southeast Asia have … read the full post

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Feb 04 2014

Test driving Singapore’s hostels: Part 1

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Fancy pants pod.

On the back of our successful Bangkok’s best hostels ebook we’re one week into our road testing of Singapore’s hostels. While we’ve still got a way to go, some things appear clear: If you’re planning on opening a hostel in Singapore, it better be damn good, because there are a lot of them. Drawing up … read the full post

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Jan 27 2014

Singapore hawker dishes: Teochew porridge

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Teochew porridge or ‘muay’ is so healthy that it doesn’t seem like a typical hawker dish — in fact, it’s likely as close as one will get to home-cooked food outside your home. Pretty much every food court or hawker centre in Singapore will have an ‘economy rice’ stall — a smorgasbord of meats, fish … read the full post

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Jan 20 2014

Singapore hawker dishes: Kway chap

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A bowl of 'Kway' - flat rice noodles in a soy-based broth.

So you really want to try a classic Singaporean hawker dish? Kway chap isn’t for beginners, and will perhaps only suit those brave enough to lust after, say, haggis in the West, but it’s well worth seeking out for its rich soy sauce-based gravy, delectable flat noodles and tender pork offal. Forget newfangled nose-to-tail dining; this … read the full post

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Jan 06 2014

Singapore hawker dishes: Fish-head steamboat

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There are steamboats — and then there are fish-head steamboats. If you don’t already know, a steamboat is an Asian hotpot of a simmering stock in which one cooks meat and vegetables. While the steamboat scene in Singapore is a hodgepodge of Thai, Sichuan, Japanese and Korean buffet varieties in restaurants, the classic Singapore hawker … read the full post

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Nov 27 2013

Singapore’s Armenian heritage

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The Vanda Miss Joaquim, Singapore's national flower.

Armenia’s difficult physical conditions saw enterprising merchants move abroad from the 19th century, many landing in Asia, including a few in Singapore. The community here numbered merely around 100 families at its peak, but the people left a a disproportionate imprint on Singaporean culture and heritage. Here are a few of the contributions the Armenian diaspora … read the full post

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Nov 21 2013

Useful apps for navigating Singapore

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Using apps can help you make the most out of a trip here.

Smartphone penetration in Singapore is at an all-time high, with an estimated two in five Singaporeans owning a tablet. Most of the locals you see staring intently at their phone screens in trains, at restaurants or while walking are not calling or texting but using some app or other – it’s an apps-economy. And when in Rome… these … read the full post

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