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Jun 29 2011

Ladies’ nights in Singapore

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As a modern, independent gal I’d normally turn my nose up at the thought of drink prices depending on gender…  but, given Singapore’s expensive nature – especially when it comes to drinking – I’ll take all the deals I can get! Many Singapore bars combat the mid-week lull with a “Ladies’ Night” promotion every Wednesday. … read the full post

Jun 27 2011

How to get a Chinese or Indian visa in Singapore

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First the bad news: in order to apply for an Indian visa in Singapore, you must be a Singaporean citizen, permanent resident, or have a valid long-term pass (an employment pass, dependent pass, etc) (though if you are Singaporean, you can get a visa on arrival). Strictly speaking, you must also be Singaporean to apply … read the full post

Jun 20 2011

What to drink in Singapore

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With the temperature in Singapore regularly hitting 35°C you’ll want to keep hydrated as you explore the city. When it’s time for a drink, try cooling down with one of these quintessentially Singaporean beverages. Kopi: Singapore-style coffee packs a double punch of caffeine and sugar – by default it’s served with lots of sweetened condensed … read the full post

Jun 16 2011

How to get an Indonesian visa in Singapore

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Whether you plan to grab one of the budget flights to Bali or attempt the overseas route to Java, Singapore is an obvious launching point for travel to the islands of Indonesia. Most visitors (including citizens of USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, China, and India) are eligible for an Indonesian visa on arrival. … read the full post

Jun 13 2011

Strain your brain at a Singapore pub quiz

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Don’t let your brain turn to mush while you travel – flex those neurons at one of Singapore’s pub quizzes. By my count five bars reliably host a weekday trivia night with prizes and a drink special to accompany it. By the very British nature of pub quizzes there tends to be a UK-leaning to … read the full post

Jun 12 2011

Public sculpture on Singapore’s Orchard Road

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It’s pretty easy to take cheap shots at Singapore and its near manic shopping scene. It’s not just the quantity of department stores and high-end outlets that can grate, but the sheer volume of shoppers can overwhelm too. I realise some Singaporeans do have a job, but on most visits I’m struck by how it … read the full post

Jun 08 2011

Golden Mile Complex: Singapore’s Little Thailand

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While Chinatown and Little India are so big they have their own MRT station, Singapore does have other, less obvious ethnic neighbourhoods. Migrant workers from nearby countries like Thailand, Burma, the Philippines, and Indonesia all have their own enclaves where they go for a taste of home on their weekly day off (that’s right, just … read the full post