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Sep 28 2012

Singapore hawker dishes: Cantonese roast meat

Roasted pork rice and soup - a complete meal for just S$3.00.

If you want to try Singapore hawker food but nothing too exotic, Cantonese roasted meat is the perfect introduction. For only a few dollars, you get a complete meal with rice, soup and your choice of roasted duck, pork or chicken. The stalls are easy to identify too — just look for the display of … read the full post

Sep 20 2012

Sushi for every budget in Singapore

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Who knew eels were delicious?

With its cosmopolitan population – including many Japanese expats – you’re never far from a sushi restaurant  in Singapore. Whether you just want a couple of California rolls in a take-away container or a Michelin-starred dining experience, Singapore has something to satisfy sushi cravings on any budget. Sushi is known for being expensive, so if … read the full post

Sep 17 2012

Singapore’s other 62 islands: Pulau Semakau

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"I think we took a wrong turn somewhere around Orchard Rd."

Most of the 62 small islands considered part of Singapore are well off the tourist trail, but Pulau Semakau has a waiting list of eager visitors. Considering this island is used as Singapore’s landfill, why would anyone want to go here? The Pulau Semakau landfill is a unique environmental experiment and one of Singapore’s land … read the full post

Sep 13 2012

Where to exchange currency in Singapore

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Rupees, rupiahs or ringgit - they've got it all.

After a trip through Southeast Asia you’re bound to have some leftover Thai baht and Malaysian ringgit lining your pockets. Why not exchange it for Singapore dollars at one of the city-state’s abundant money changers? Money changers in Singapore state “zero commission”, but obviously they make a slight profit from the exchange rates. From my … read the full post

Sep 10 2012

Drop-in yoga classes in Singapore

These people could benefit from a few downward-facing dogs.

Perhaps due to its overworked population, Singapore is bursting at the seams with yoga studios. Most cater to residents with monthly membership packages, but some offer drop-in rates for travellers and other infrequent yogis. Here’s a round-up. For the greatest variety of classes in one place –  including hot yoga, hatha yoga, vinyasa yoga, pilates-yoga … read the full post

Sep 06 2012

Singapore’s best party hostels

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Bar downstairs, bunks upstairs.

Singapore’s night life can be a blast when you’re in the right company. If you’re looking for a hostel where the other residents are always up for a pitcher of Tiger Beer, this is where you should be staying. Since it’s more bar than hostel, you can be assured of a boozy time at the … read the full post

Sep 03 2012

A quick walking tour of Singapore’s Chinatown

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Make a quick detour to India.

With its bustling markets, unique architecture and mouth-watering food, Singapore’s Chinatown neighbourhood is not to be missed. It’s possible to rush through this walking tour of Chinatown’s highlights in one hour, or you could spend half a day exploring the museums and temples, shopping for souvenirs, and feasting on noodles and dim sum. The easiest … read the full post