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Oct 29 2012

Photo essay: Inside Singapore’s Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

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Buddha comes in every shape and size.

The multi-tiered Buddha Tooth Relic Temple is one of Singapore’s most important religious sites and is a must-see on any walk around Chinatown. But there’s more to it than the impressive exterior; head inside to experience the chanting monks, museum of Buddhist art and peaceful rooftop garden. Opened in 2007, the Tang dynasty-style Tooth Relic … read the full post

Oct 26 2012

Singapore’s Civil Defence Heritage Gallery

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At this museum you're welcome to touch - or sit in - the exhibits!

Singapore’s Civil Defence Heritage Gallery is a lot more fun than the name suggests, with antique fire engines you can climb aboard and the opportunity to stick your arm into a hazmat (hazardous material) suit. It’s the perfect place to take aspiring firefighters and admission is free. Just a five-minute walk from City Hall MRT … read the full post

Oct 18 2012

Eating in Singapore on S$10 a day

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Singapore is an expensive city to spend time in as a tourist, but you can trim some fat from your budget when it comes to meal time. Thanks to the city’s abundant hawker centres, you can get three square meals for around S$10 without sacrificing taste or variety. They say breakfast is the most important … read the full post

Oct 15 2012

Duty-free shopping at DFS Galleria Singapore

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Head inside for discounts on luxury goods like handbags and perfumes.

Ever wish your flight would be delayed just so you could have more time to take advantage of the shopping at Changi Airport? If you can plan ahead a little, you can avoid that by shopping for duty-free goods anytime you like at DFS Galleria. Though it looks like any other mall on Orchard Road … read the full post

Oct 09 2012

Family-friendly activities at Marina Bay Sands

It's fake ice, but still slippery!

With its exclusive casino and luxury shopping Marina Bay Sands has become the playground for Singapore’s rich and famous, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyed by the average person. Within this ultra-modern shopping mall you’ll even find activities that kids will enjoy. Here are some suggestions. One of the top family-friendly attractions at … read the full post

Oct 05 2012

Itineraries: Singapore for World War II buffs

Make peace with the atrocities of war at the Changi Museum & Chapel

Singapore may be a long way from Europe, but this little island played a pivotal role in World War II. Whether you’re a war buff or just want to learn more about this chapter of history, here’s an itinerary that will take you to Singapore’s most important WW2 sites and memorials. Note that these sites … read the full post

Oct 01 2012

The Singapore Kindness Gallery

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Maybe some inspirational quotes will do it.

When waiting to take the subway in Singapore you can’t help notice the public service ads reminding commuters to let people exit the train before pushing on and to give up their seat to the disabled or elderly. These reminders to be kind to your fellow man aren’t the work of a church or charity; … read the full post