Dec 03 2012

Review: Sentosa Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom

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If your kids have a fascination with the creepy-crawly, the Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom deserves a spot on your Sentosa Island itinerary. Even if they don’t, this mini-zoo is a lifesaver if the monsoon rains wash out your other plans.

The Butterfly Park is one of Sentosa's few indoor attractions.

The Butterfly Park is one of Sentosa’s few indoor attractions.

The first exhibit you encounter at the Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom is also the best – the walk-through butterfly house. More than 50 species are kept captive here, including rare and endangered ones, and it’s an ethereal experience to have dozens of them fluttering around you. Dishes of tropical fruit are set out to encourage the butterflies to land and pose for photos and, if you stand really still, they may even land on you. The exhibit is also educational with a Pupa House where you can see the pretty bugs at different stages of their life cycle.

We’re not sure how this relates to the insect theme, but there are also tropical birds and reptiles on display. Some are free-range like the butterflies, so you may end up sharing the walkways with giant tortoises.

Who knew butterflies like papaya?

Who knew butterflies like papaya?

However, not all of the creatures on display are so cute — there are also black scorpions, horned rhinoceros beetles and stick insects. The bugs are attended to by brave staff who take them out of their terrariums and share interesting facts – did you know that stick insects can reach lengths up to 50 centimetres? If you’re lucky (or unlucky, depending how you see it) you may get a chance to handle them yourself.

The final exhibit before the exit is a collection of specimens behind glass. While some are astonishingly huge, a dead bug collection is the antithesis of fun and certainly not what people come to Sentosa to see.

Can I keep it as a souvenir?

Can I keep it as a souvenir?

In our opinion, the admission fee to Sentosa Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom is quite high considering a visit will take at most 45 minutes  — the price is almost as much as entry to the Singapore Zoo. To make the cost sting a bit less, try visiting as part of the Sentosa Play Pass which offers admission to multiple attractions for one fixed price.

Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom
51 Imbiah Rd, Sentosa Island
T: 6275 0013
Open daily 09:30–19:00 (last admission at 18:30)
S$16 adults / S$10 children
Take the MRT to Harbourfront then board the Sentosa Monorail. Get off at Imbiah Look Out and follow the signs.

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