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Feb 28 2013

Singapore hawker dishes: kaya toast

The perfect Singapore breakfast - kaya toast and kopi.

Though they’re best known for spicy foods like chilli crab and char kway teow, Singapore hawker centres also serve up a quick, cheap breakfast. One of the most popular local breakfast items is kaya toast, a tropical twist on toast and eggs with enough calories to last you through lunch. Kaya is a uniquely Southeast … read the full post

Feb 21 2013

Photos: Southeast Asian animals at the Singapore Zoo

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Singapore Zoo is considered to be one of the best in the world. It’s also a convenient place to see the unique animals of Southeast Asia if you don’t have time (or simply don’t enjoy) jungle trekking. The zoo is known for its free-range orangutans and even has a successful breeding program. It’s an amazing … read the full post

Feb 18 2013

Review: Bollywood Veggies, Singapore

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A hippie hideaway in Singapore.

We’re not quite sure how to describe Bollywood Veggies – a sustainable farm, a retreat from the city, an eco-learning experience or a bistro serving amazing organic food – regardless, it’s one of Singapore’s best kept secrets. Located in the Kranji countryside, Bollywood Veggies was started in 2000 by Singaporean activist Ivy Singh-Lim. Her and … read the full post

Feb 14 2013

Monkey walks with the Jane Goodall Institute of Singapore

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A long-tailed macaque showing off its namesake feature.

The Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is the largest rainforest left in Singapore and is a refuge for more than 500 species of animals. To educate the public about one of the park’s most commonly-sighted but peskiest creatures – the long-tailed macaque – the Jane Goodall Institute of Singapore leads a free “Monkey Walk” once a … read the full post

Feb 07 2013

Traditional breakfasts in Singapore

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Indian breakfasts are just as spicy as Indian lunches and dinners.

One thing you learn from travelling is that what people like to eat for breakfast varies wildly by culture. This means that in multi-ethnic Singapore there are multiple traditional breakfast options available at hawker centres across the island. The most uniquely Singaporean breakfast and one that should be semi-recognisable to Westerners is kaya toast. Kaya … read the full post

Feb 04 2013

Dengue fever in Singapore

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Despite the government's best efforts, Singapore is not mosquito free.

Singapore may be the only Southeast Asian country to be declared malaria-free, but that doesn’t mean there are no health risks. There is a small but serious risk of dengue fever in Singapore, and more than 700 cases have been reported just in the first month of 2013. Dengue fever is a virus spread by … read the full post