May 24 2013

Long-term places to stay in Singapore: part 2

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Considering the price of places to stay in Singapore, if you’re staying awhile it’s worth looking for a long-term option. We’ve already  covered guesthouses and hotels that offer monthly rates or discounts for long-term guests. Now we’ll look at serviced apartments, flat shares and room rentals.

Live like a Singaporean in a high-rise HDB flat.

Live like a Singaporean in a high-rise HDB flat.

For those seeking all the comforts of home, Singapore has many serviced apartments. Most cater to corporate travellers with generous expense accounts and so luxurious downtown locations like The Ascott Raffles Place or The Wilby charge S$4,500/month and upwards for a one-bedroom apartment. A more reasonably priced option is the Kembangan Lodge where rates range start from S$2,000/month for a studio apartment for one – there’s no swimming pool or other posh amenities, but it’s minutes from an MRT station.

If you don’t mind having a housemate or six, a good option is They have three properties in three different neighbourhoods of Singapore and rent the rooms on a monthly basis, mostly to young professionals or international students. Rates range from S$500/month for a cosy room in eastern Singapore to S$1,300 for a huge room downtown. The rooms are air-con and fully furnished, plus you have access to a shared kitchen, living room and laundry facilities.

If someone else is footing the bill, consider a luxury serviced apartment.

If someone else is footing the bill, consider a luxury serviced apartment.

Another option is to rent a room in a private home. Homes in Singapore are almost always apartments and come in two kinds: condos and HDBs. Condos are privately owned and have amenities like a swimming pool and gym, while HDBs are state-owned public housing; needless to say, the latter will be cheaper.

To find a room rental check out websites like Craigslist Singapore Housing or or, if you’re already in Singapore, you can do it the old-fashioned way by browsing the classifieds section of the Straits Times newspaper. A non-aircon room in an HDB outside the city centre can cost as little as S$500/month, while an air-con room in a downtown condo will be closer to S$2,000/month. Not only is this a good way to save money, it’s a wonderful opportunity to experience the real Singapore and interact with locals. Do note that as a guest in someone’s home you’ll have to abide by their rules, which may mean no cooking or a curfew – confirm all the details before exchanging any money.

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